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ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal

Today’s review is about “ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo”.

Automations are making a lot of work easier who use them. But the fact is, maximum people, don’t even know much about it!

If you want to build automation to solve your problems and save hours then let’s meet with “ZeroWork” – a creator app for creating TaskBots without coding knowledge.

Stick with this review cause we’re going to cover a lot of things about this Taskbot creator and you’ll also get a massive discount from ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo + an extra 10% if you’re a new Appsumo user!

What is ZeroWork?

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo Sell TaskBot – ThenReview

ZeroWork is a no-code TaskBot builder app that lets you build automation that works just like human actions to reduce time working manually.

You don’t only build but also sell to your customers in the ZeroWork Marketplace and get revenue from that.

With ZeroWork, you can build and grow a SaaS business, earn more money, and help customers save time & money if they subscribe to your TaskBots.

Automate recurring tasks with ZeroWork! Plus, get an extra 10% discount by purchasing from ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo.

What are the TaskBots?

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo Sell TaskBot – ThenReview

In simple words, TaskBots are programs that automate many works and get them done within seconds that could take hours for a human.

The accuracy of work is surprisingly good as the bots can mimic human work! ZeroWork is a perfect platform to build them and also a perfect marketplace to sell!

Keep reading our review to know what types of work TaskBots can do. You still have a chance to get an extra 10% discount on the ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo.

Types of TaskBot You Can Create

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo Sell TaskBot – ThenReview

Auto-collect & Qualify Leads:

You can create TaskBots that will get Facebook group members’ names, profile data, and other information within a matter of time.

Not only this but using hashtags will help you collect IG users! Yeah, don’t forget about LinkedIn cause you can additionally collect and qualify LinkedIn profiles.

Auto-Like, Comment & Follow:

Are you thinking, is that all? No! You can convert cold leads into warm leads by auto-liking and commenting with TaskBots.

You can as well engage with your targeted customers and automate follows with the help of TaskBots.

Auto-Connect & DM:

You can automate & personalize DM outreach, send targeted connection requests on every platform, and automatically target follow-up.

TaskBot Selling Simply Explained

We’ll go step by step to understand building and selling TaskBots more easily on the ZeroWork platform.

Step-1(Sign Up): Sign up & get a free trial, play & learn, and then choose the perfect plan for you.

Step-2(Build): Use the no-code app(called Creator App) to build your TaskBots where you’re free to use conditional logic to get the exact work done for users. All the logic and work will remain private to your customers, which means they can buy & use the TaskBots but can’t see the workflow.

Step-3(Process before publishing): After building and testing the new TaskBot, you’re ready to go through the publishing process to get revenue from the ZeroWork marketplace. In this section, you mark the fields your users can customize. Easy-to-use forms will be generated to complete fields like Personalized DM text, a link to a list of FB pages, etc.

Step-4(Publish): Click on “Publish TaskBot” after logging in. Before publishing, you need to add a demo video and give descriptions so users can understand your creation. You can also set your TaskBots as pre-publish.

Lastly, you can manage, unpublish, and hide your TaskBots anytime from your profile. After each sale, ZeroWork will charge a 30% commission from your revenue.

Learned a lot about ZeroWork and want to buy the product. The deal is not finished yet, so grab your 10% discount from the ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo right now!

Plans & Pricing

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo Sell TaskBot – ThenReview

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Get the ZeroWork Appsumo for $79 instead of $480(Licence Tier 1)

ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal
ZeroWork Lifetime Deal

Grab a 10% Offer For ZeroWork Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Appsumo Lifetime Deal

Complete the below tasks to get a huge discount for the ZeroWork Appsumo Deal of $79

The ZeroWork Appsumo Deal is going to end soon, follow all of the directions to get:

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