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Summary: Use 60+ AI tools and 70+ content writing templates to generate SEO-friendly content (and images!) with!

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Viral content lets your business/marketing grow like wind and generate revenue. Well, for that, you need the ACTUAL CONTENT that goes viral.

Checking grammar & plagiarism, brainstorming keywords, researching content, etc is enough to give you a heart attack in your brain.

Wish you had an assistant that lets you flexibly create natural content with a number of necessary tools.

Wish granted cause you now can have “Wordkraft AI Lifetime Deal”!

In this easy-to-read review, you will learn all the fundamentals of this ai article generator and you’ll get a present(10% discount) from us.

What is Lifetime Deal

In short, Wordkraft is an AI content generating platform that creates human-like content within a minute.

The quality will be top-notch, well-written like human, keyword optimized, and of course will be SEO-friendly.

Readers will read and they’ll be like Woooah, that’s some writing! In fact, the quality is high because of the technology GPT-3.

Not only does the tool generates content but also it can produce high-quality images with AI!

Moreover, you get 60+ powerful AI tools and up to 70 templates. The tools will help you check grammar, plagiarism, keyword density, and much more! And the templates will help you write in different styles and approaches!

What is the Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

There are many popular platforms available in the market right now, but are they cheaper than Wordkraft AI? Impossible!

Wordkraft AI is giving you a $113 discount at Appsumo with lifetime access!

You’ll get the following features from the deal:

  • Over $113 discount(The regular price was $152 but the discount price is $39)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • All the premium features with 60+ tools and 70+ templates with future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount on top of this!

Which technology does use?

Wordkraft AI uses GPT-3 AI technology to analyze your topic and create custom content that is not only skillfully written but also optimized for your chosen keywords.

GPT-3 is one of the most advanced AI right now which has a huge collection of data. That’s why it can produce high-quality and relevant content.

Who is for?

For those who give time to write content every day, this article creation tool is for them to save time and energy. There are many sectors, some popular sectors are:


Bloggers write content regularly to get traffic. They always worry about the quality of the work and the readability of their blog/article.

Wordkraft AI has made blog creation easy for them as they can select one from many templates to get their style of writing as well as they can get relevant content to their need within no time!

Video Script Generate

Whether it’s Youtube or any other video, video makers first need a compelling script to make their video. That’s where this ai content creation platform comes forward!

Engaging video scripts are not a matter of stress, you just need to specify the topic, give some information about the topic, and get the relevant script within 1 minute.

Web Development

Web devs make websites with content, images, etc where Wordkraft AI helps generate both content and image!

About Us section, Testimonial section, heading & subheading generate, meta title & description generate, etc are just a minute far from you if you have this toolkit!

There are so many more use cases than these, click here to see all use cases.

How works?

You don’t need rocket science to generate your desired writing. Just follow the below instruction:

First, choose from 70+ pre-defined templates based on your writing style. All the templates are highly optimized for their own niche. Templates are available for Blog/Article, Website & SEO, Ads, E-commerce, etc.

Secondly, add a title, description, language, tone of voice, and other information to get the desired output. Specify as clearly as you can about the product/article to get the best output.

Lastly, well, that’s it! Just wait and see the AI do the magic.

Features Lifetime Deal

As we already know Wordkraft AI has GPT-3 technology that opens many possibilities for generating content. Here are some of the useful features:

AI Technology

GPT-3 is the brain of Wordkraft AI and it does the work of generating content. The tech is highly trained to produce close-to-natural content with proper readability.

60+ AI Tools

You get 64 flexible tools for your writing. These tools will help you get better results and customization. There is a Paraphrasing tool, Sentence Expander, Review Generator, Blog Ideas Generator, etc.

You can check the details of the tools by clicking here.

Blog post wizard

It employs AI to generate plagiarism-free content that will grab the attention of the readers.


To support the whole world, you have 27+ different languages for your audience. Some of the popular languages are English, French, Spanish, German, etc.

User interface

UI is the place where users interact with a platform. It doesn’t matter how powerful a system is, cause if the UI is bad, the whole experience will be bad.

This AI platform has a minimalistic easy-to-use UI that lets you create content with ease.

SEO and Optimization

It’s the AI that will think to optimize content and make it SEO-friendly. It uses a complex algorithm to produce optimized and SEO-friendly writing.


There are some popular writing tools out there, some of them are:

  1. Jasper
  2. Writesonic

There are some AI writing platforms that are available on the Appsumo deal:

Jasper vs Wordkraft AI

Both Jasper and Wordkraft AI are great for generating content. Both generate blogs, articles, scripts, Ads, posts, descriptions, etc in a human-like form.

Still, there are some factors that you might want to check between them:

Content Quality

Both tools create high-quality content, but Jasper generates writing closer to natural writing.

Additionally, Jasper generates faster than Wordkraft, making it a more powerful tool.


Jasper has around 50+ templates that produce different types of content, whereas Wordkraft has up to 70 templates and counting.

Click here to see the templates.

Language Support

Both platform support 25+ languages and will add more in the future.

Plagiarism & Grammar Check

Jasper has the plagiarism & grammar checker by default. Wordkraft Ai has  plagiarism checker & 60+ tools that give more flexibility but sadly don’t have a grammar checker.


There is no comparison cause Jasper is a very popular and trustworthy platform.


Jasper is clearly a more powerful and popular tool for generating content, but keep in mind that it is not cheap and you have to pay every month to use it.

On the other hand, Wordkraft AI is a convenient tool to generate quality writing with 70+ templates and 60+ AI tools. The best part is, it’s available on Appsumo Deal with lifetime access.

Tools that may help with

If you want a website for your blogs/articles then check these tool(s):

If you want stock photos to make your blogs attractive then check these tool(s):

Plans and pricing Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

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Final Judgement

Wordkraft AI can be an amazing solution for you if you write every day, work on a start up, agency, website, blogging, etc.

With its powerful features, 70+ templates, 60+ AI tools, GPT-3 technology, etc – it’s a complete package for content generation.


  1. Which things will be added in future?
    Ans: Click here to see the future roadmap.
  2. What types of content can generate?
    Ans: can generate blog posts, articles, social media posts, product descriptions, ad copy, email templates, and more with the power of GPT-3 AI tech.
Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Generate SEO-friendly content and unique images with 60+ AI tools and 70+ writing templates
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