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WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Review[$49]: Deep SEO Analyzer

Website Auditor Lifetime Deal

Today’s review is about “WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Appsumo

There are thousands of websites on the internet competing with each other based on Search Engine Optimization. Indeed, on-page and technical SEO are the most crucial parts of ranking a website.

If you want to optimize your site, you have to learn optimization or hire an expert. But if you don’t have time and budget, then what?

That’s why you’ll need the “Website Auditor” to get the highest optimization of your website!

From this review, you’ll learn everything about this SEO tool Analyzer and earn an extra 10% off from the Lifetime Deal Appsumo if you’re a new user.

What is WebSite Auditor?

In short, Website Auditor is an On-page and technical SEO analyzing tool that lets you optimize your entire website for Search Engines.

Basically, this consultant gives you a complete report of your website and instructs you step-by-step on how you can improve the performance of your site.

This SEO tool points to each and every issue that is preventing your website from ranking higher and helps you wipe the blockages.

Not only ranking but also user experience is also a very important topic of SEO, that’s why this tool helps you suggest improvements for a better experience.

There is so much stuff you can do with this tool, keep reading the review to know more about this SEO tool analyzer.

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Benefits of WebSite Auditor

Website Auditor Lifetime Deal
WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Review[$49] Deep SEO Analyzer

Web devs, SEO experts, and agencies love this tool as there are tons of tools available to achieve the highest optimization including On-page Analyzer, Technical Report, Complete Site Report, and User Experience Suggestion.

Website Auditor is better than other analyzing tools because it gives a complete overview of the technical stuff so you can easily detect the missing opportunities to improve the overall performance.

Some of the many issues that this SEO tool analyzer finds are shown below:

  • Broken, expired, or ineffective links (internal and external)
  • Pages that are too big
  • Pages that load slow
  • Images that are too large
  • All types of W3C validation error
  • Poor content pages
  • Hierarchy and crawling issues
  • Duplicate content(Like duplicate title tag or meta-description)

The best part is, this SEO tool does not sit after finding the issues but also it gives step-by-step solutions to break all the issues.

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Features of WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Review[$49] Deep SEO Analyzer

Let’s check some powerful features that are ready to help you rank your site!

SEO Spider: The tool crawls your entire site to audit both internal & external resources like HTML, CSS, JS, Images, etc just like the search engines do.

The tool also follows robots.txt instructions for any bot. You’ll see the errors and warnings just as the search engines see them.

SEO Report and Site Audit: This analyzer added a powerful Core Web Vitals module to analyze and handle page speed blocks and boost site performance.

Just add Google’s PageSpeed API key and run the audit. You’ll get a full report on each page.

For instance, you can see which page is loading slowly and which things to consider for speeding up the page.

Technical Site Audit: Many times a page is not indexed by search engines.

That’s where it helps you find the crawling issues of each page specifically and gives you instructions on how you can fix the issues.

Robots.txt and Sitemap generator: Create Sitemap and robots.txt for search engines to scroll without doing any custom syntax.

Additionally, if you already have the files, you can review and edit them anytime and upload them via FTP.

For international SEO, you can also limit crawl frequency and manage hreflang tags.

Intelligent on-page SEO audit: Want to know why your competitors are ranked high?

Website Auditor’s audit software is there for you to check your page’s or entire site’s health to check the SEO.

The audit tool gives keyword- and URL-specific optimization advice and lets you know how you can beat your competitors in terms of ranking.

Plus, a deep analysis from title to page speed and other necessary things helps you gain better optimization.

Structure Visualization: Search Engines discover and crawl your page more effectively if you have used internal linking the right way.

With Internal Link Checker, you can see a complete structure of internal links and see if there is any issue. Additionally, you can fix the issues right from the app.

After solving all the problems, export the changes as a to-do list and give it to your developers.

In-app content optimization: Website Auditor gives you SEO advice as you write content so you can optimize your content right away.

You can also create an optimized page title and meta description in a separate tab and preview the Google Snippet instantly.

After completion, just click the save button to get your HTML file on your computer that is ready to be uploaded.

SEO audit tool with TF-IDF analysis: TF-IDF tool helps you find more relevant keywords and also helps optimize for semantic search performance.

You can also check whether your page is optimized for your targeted keyword and if there are any SEO errors on that page.

Custom automated SEO reports: The SEO reports are customizable and responsive to every device.

You can share the SEO reports with your clients by uploading them to the cloud. Moreover, you can schedule the tool to automate site analysis. If there is any issue, you’ll be alerted and instructed to deal with that issue.

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Website Auditor Lifetime Deal
WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Review[$49] Deep SEO Analyzer

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WebSite Auditor Lifetime Deal Appsumo

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Website Auditor Lifetime Deal
Website Auditor Lifetime Deal

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