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Vzy Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$59]

Vzy Lifetime Deal
Summary: Create websites with AI, customize every section without coding, and do automatic SEO with Vzy.

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Nowadays, having a website is a must for any type of business. Whether you run an agency, own a company, or are a freelancer, you need a website.

But the fact is, building a website requires coding knowledge and hours of time. Plus, hiring experts for website creation is also costly.

Wish you could use AI to generate websites for almost any purpose in minutes.

Introducing “Vzy” – an AI-based website builder that takes some information and builds SEO-ready websites in seconds.

Today, we’ll see the Vzy review, its features, who should use it, and much more! Plus, a 10% gift for you if you buy this product from Appsumo!

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Vzy Lifetime Deal

What is Vzy?

In short, Vzy is a comprehensive website builder that uses AI to create websites in minutes.

The created website will be 100% SEO-friendly and will have organic visitors. Plus, you can enhance your website’s performance.

Also, the website will be 100% customizable, you can customize color, size, font, etc. Furthermore, you can add additional sections to any part of the page.

You can create a site to collect leads, show skills, portfolios, and much more.

We’ll see every feature of this web page builder in this review.

What is Vzy Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Usually, creating & managing websites are costly but not with Vzy. Because this AI website builder is a featured deal at Appsumo.

You’ll get the following benefits from the lifetime deal(Note: Please check the features at Appsumo before buying a product):

  • A 51% discount(The regular price was $120 but the discount price is $59)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount for you

Vzy Interface

Now, let’s take a look at the Vzy interface. You can also start for free, just go to the official site by clicking here and create an account. You can create 1 site for free!

After logging in, you will be asked to give your business name, business type, and a short description of the business.

Vzy Lifetime Deal

Then you need to select a theme for your website. You can always edit your theme later.

Vzy Lifetime Deal

After waiting 2-3 minutes, you get your website!

Vzy Lifetime Deal

In this manner, you can easily build your own website without any coding knowledge. Now, let’s check what else we can do.

To style a section, you just need to click on the section and you’ll get the option to customize.

For example, let’s customize the first section. After clicking the first section, we get our customization option.

Vzy Lifetime Deal

You can add or change content, change the section layout, change color, add height & width, etc.

Okay, let’s add a completely new section. To do that, just click the plus icon between two sections. Then you can choose the section you need.

Vzy Lifetime Deal

Vzy is working regularly and adding new sections for the users. You can also duplicate or delete the sections whenever you want.

This was the home page but you can create other pages also.

From the design section, you can edit the theme type and color to match your brand.

You also have the dark mode to make your website darker with just a click!

Vzy Features

There are tons of features available in this web page builder. Let’s check them all:

Powered by AI

You won’t have to code or do anything, you just have to give your business name, type, and a short description and just click a button. Yes, you get a website built by AI.

Customize Layout

Without coding, you can change the content and layout of every section. Plus, you can change the theme to change the look and feel of the whole site with one click.

Necessary tools

You get an SSL certificate, a CDN, and AWS hosting to boost your site in search engines. Besides, there are built-in forms to collect leads.

You can also track your website performance with privacy-friendly analytics. Also, automatic SEO will be done and you won’t even notice!

Dark Mode

Just a click of a button and your website can be changed into dark mode, isn’t it amazing?

Fonts and Icons

You will get 1000+ fonts and icons by default and you can choose any number of font and icon for your projects.

Export Code

Are you a technical person? Then you can export code into your local machine and code further to make a more advanced website. This will give you a great head-start. 

Who should use Vzy

Almost any person can use Vzy as it is a no-code site builder. It is especially suitable for:

Small businesses

Vzy is a great option for small businesses that want to create a professional website without breaking the bank.


Vzy is also a good option for freelancers who want to create a website for their personal or professional projects.

Non-technical users

Vzy is very easy to use, even for people who are not familiar with web design. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to create and customize your website without any coding knowledge.

Anyone who wants a beautiful and professional website

Vzy offers a variety of pre-made templates and design features that can help you create a stunning website. The AI-powered design features can also help you build a website for specific needs.

Who should not use Vzy

Vzy is a great option for most people who want to create a website without any coding or design skills. However, there are a few people who may not be a good fit for Vzy:

Large Companies

Large companies tend to have a big user base and Vzy might not be able to create that quality website.

Technical People

Those who can code can build more complex and professional websites than Vzy.

People who need a very customized website

Vzy is not as customizable as some other website builders, so if you need a very specific look or feel for your website, you may be better off with a different platform.

People who need advanced SEO features

Vzy’s SEO features are basic, so if you need advanced SEO features, you may need to use a different platform.

Vzy official website and pricing

You can check the official site and pricing if you want. Click the links below:

  1. Official Site
  2. Pricing

Vzy Review

You can check Vzy reviews from the following links:

  1. Product Hunt Vzy Review

But don’t just see reviews, you can try the web page creator for free!

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Final Thought

In a world where having an online presence is inevitable, Vzy is indeed a game-changing solution for website creation.

With its AI-driven approach, Vzy offers a stress-free way to build websites without the need for coding skills.

It’s literally amazing for small businesses and freelancers seeking professional sites on a budget. The drag-and-drop interface and customizable templates empower even non-tech users to create their websites.

However, Vzy might not suit everyone’s needs. Larger companies with complex requirements might find its offerings limited.

Technical individuals who can code might prefer more complex customization options. If you want to have highly specialized designs or advanced SEO features, exploring alternative platforms could be wise.

In essence, Vzy’s simplicity, affordability, and AI-powered capabilities make it an excellent choice for many seeking efficient website creation.

Remember, the Appsumo Lifetime Deal won’t last, so grab the deal right now by clicking the button with an extra 10% off!

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Create websites with AI, customize every section without coding, and do automatic SEO with Vzy. Get the deal from the Vzy Lifeime Deal Appsumo!
5* Review

$120 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !