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useArtemis Lifetime Deal and Review | most Advanced B2B lead Generator 2022

useArtemis lifetime deal and review

If you are doing business, you have to get customers. To reach customers, email is one of the best ways. But, where will you find this many legal emails? Don’t worry, because we have a great solution for you!

Meet “useArtemis”, a professional email and phone number finding tool that helps you reach more customers and boost your business.

Today we’ll talk about useArtemis, and also check the useArtemis lifetime deal and review. Let’s get into it!

useArtemis lifetime deal and review
useArtemis lifetime deal and review most advanced B2B lead generator 2022

What is useArtemis?

useArtemis is a tool that helps you find B2B contact information. You can get almost anyone’s contact details with the help of useArtemis within a second.

Is useArtemis made for you?

useArtemis is made for Marketers, Sales managers, and Small businesses. useArtemis finds professional emails and phone numbers for the company owners to reach out to more customers.

Marketers and business owners can find contact details using various filters like company name, job title, job experience, location, and more.

useArtemis provides data that originated from legal sources.

useArtemis is the fastest way for you to find B2B contact information for your sales. You will only find professional emails and numbers from useArtemis. Also, you can filter by anything like location, job type, etc.

When you start to use useArtemis, you just reach more and more customers

Features of useArtemis

useArtemis lifetime deal and review
useArtemis lifetime deal and review most advanced B2B lead generator 2022

There are many features available in useArtemis to help you grow your business. Among them, some features could be life savers for you!

You’ll always find what you need because useArtemis has a 500M+ database from where data comes. All their emails are verified, and if they don’t find any results from their database, they use third-party APIs.

The main tool of useArtemis is known as the prospecting platform, which allows you to find contact details. It also allows you to filter your search by company name, job position, etc.

You will export your findings to CSV files, or you can save your data to your lists.

useArtemis is also available as a chrome extension that allows you to get Linkedin users’ contact details while browsing.

useArtemis has a feature called the domain finder, which helps you find the emails and phone numbers of any website owners in the fastest way.

If you want to check whether an email is real or not, you can use the email verification tool of the useArtemis. This tool always gives you official and legal data.

Get the useArtemis lifetime deal now!

useArtemis Alternatives

There are some tools that works like useArtemis available in the market. You can check them also.

  • Salesintel
  • Telenotes
  • Lusha
  • SalesRabbit
  • Terminus
  • Kartra

useArtemis Pricing

useArtemis lifetime deal and review
useArtemis lifetime deal and review most advanced B2B lead generator 2022

There are reasonable pricing plans for useArtemis. Check out all the plans:


  • 2000 Credits per month
  • Chrome extension
  • Prospecting platform
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verify
  • Export contacts


  • 7000 Credits per month
  • Chrome extension
  • Prospecting platform
  • Domain Search
  • Email Verify
  • Export contacts
  • Analytics
  • Cold emailing tool
  •  Facebook Group Members export
  • Linkedin outreach campaign coming soon!


  • Unlimited Credits per month
  • All features included in Outreach

useArtemis Lifetime Deals Appsumo

Get useArtemis lifetime deals for $69 instead of $1800

useArtemis lifetime deal and review

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to useArtemis Outreach Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future useArtemis Outreach Plan updates
  • This deal is stackable

Plan and pricing

  • Access to 500M+ database of B2B contact details
  • Access our LinkedIn Chrome Extension
  • Search by job title, company name or URL, location, industry, or team size
  • Storage of contact information in useArtemis lists
  • Export of found data to a CSV file
  • 7,000 credits are added to your account every month
  • Access to the prospecting platform
  • Access domain search
  • Access email verifier
  • Access to Bulk Enrichment
  • Unlimited number of lists
  • Unlimited number of exports
  • Premium support
  • LinkedIn outreach campaigns (coming soon)
  • Cold emailing tool (coming soon)
  • Each Code Adds: An additional 7,000 credits
  • Stack up to 5 codes max

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useArtemis lifetime deal and review

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Final conclusion

Drive your sales team to new heights with our continuously updated and verified data with useArtemis.

When you work with useArtemis, you will know that it is the most advanced B2B lead generation tool for your business.

Grab your useArtemis lifetime deal from Appsumo now!

Is there any free planning for useArtemis?

We work a lot to collect professional emails and phone numbers, that’s why we take a reasonable price for the basic plan. There is no free version.

Are all the emails and phone numbers legal?

All the emails and phone numbers come from 100% legal and trusted sources. If we have to use API to get data for you, we carefully check it first.

If I purchase the product but don’t like using it, then what should I do?

If you purchase useArtemis from Appsumo lifetime deal, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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