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Tuney Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$19]

Tuney Lifetime Deal
Summary: Create royalty-free custom soundtracks and customize them without any audio skills.

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Creating ear-soothing soundtracks for videos is a complete blockbuster grade, only if you know the actual algorithm and skills.

But the fact is, creating completely customized music requires a set of skills, time, effort, patience, etc.

Being overwhelmed, ever wished for an assistant who could create hundreds of custom soundtracks with the help of AI?

Say goodbye to “Hassle” and meet “Tuney” – an ethical music platform for creative audio content.

While there are some popular tools like Soundstripe, Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Bensound, etc. out there then why Tuney is going to take the seat?

We’ll explore everything about this soundtrack maker and will gift you a 10% discount if you’re new to Appsumo.

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Tuney Lifetime Deal

What is Tuney?

In short, Tuney is a comprehensive AI platform that creates hundreds of soundtracks according to your needs.

Without audio creation knowledge, you will be able to generate highly customized royalty-free soundtracks.

Changing music length with a simple slider and dropping the beat anywhere in the track – all of these without any skills.

Plus, syncing the track with uploaded videos is a great feature to combine the content without connecting them manually.

In fact, there are a lot more features available that we’ll discuss in this review.

What is Tuney Lifetime Deal Appsumo ?

Tuney is currently available at Appsumo with a huge discount so anyone wishing to create magical soundtracks can use this.

You just pay $19 and this AI music generator is yours forever! You’ll get the following things(Note: Please check the features at Appsumo before buying a product):

  • A 84% discount(The regular price was $119 but the discount price is $19)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount for you

Who should use Tuney?

Tuney is an excellent platform for anyone who wants to create custom music for their creations. The following people can use this audio creation platform easily:

Video creators

You can create the perfect soundtrack for your videos and customize them, whether you are making a YouTube video, a commercial, or a short film.


If you are a podcaster then you can make your podcasts more professional and engaging by creating the perfect background track.

Social media marketers

Make your social media posts more eye-catching and memorable with great soundtracks.

Music producers

Tuney can be used to create custom soundtracks for your music projects or to help you find the perfect music for your compositions.

Let’s use Tuney

Enough with the theory, let’s jump into the main product. You can also try for free, just go the their website and you’ll see the “Try for Free” option.


This section has all the options to create music/tracks, here you will just select your track type – Beats, Pop, Hip hop, or whatever you want.

When you choose one option, the tracks will automatically generate and you can play the tracks.

You can edit, download, share, and purchase soundtracks directly from the dashboard.

Most importantly, you can upload a video and adjust the music to get the exact result you want.

Editing options

Now, let’s edit a soundtrack and check all the available options. You can change the length of your music and make it from 5 seconds to 5 minutes(if you purchase from Appsumo).

However, in the free version, you can adjust the length up to 3 minutes.

Plus, you can adjust the instruments like melody, drums, chords, and bass. You can also set the ending to Fade out or short.

Connect music with video

Just upload the video and the selected soundtrack will sync with the content.

Plus, you can control the start time of the track to make sure the combination stays the best.

Other sections

There are some other sections like Purchase, Playlist, Favourites, and Account section out there.

In the Purchase section, you can see which music you purchased earlier.

You are able to create playlists and add tracks to the playlists. No problem, you can delete the soundtracks from your playlists anytime.

You can change your information, and billing details, and log out from the Account section.

Tuney Features

This platform is not just a royalty-free soundtrack finder, it is also a customizer. An advanced AI works behind music customization.

Let’s check the features:

Good music collection

AI is used to analyze your video and generate the perfect soundtrack. This saves you time and effort from searching for and editing stock music.

Adapt music to your video

Tuney’s music is adaptive, so it will automatically change to match the mood and tempo of your video. This ensures that your soundtrack is always perfectly synced.

Royalty free music

All the tracks are royalty-free, so you can use them without worrying about copyright claims.

The Appsumo Deal

Don’t be overwhelmed by monthly subscriptions cause Appsumo is currently offering this soundtrack maker as a lifetime deal.

Create custom soundtracks

Tuney allows you to create custom soundtracks by adjusting the tempo, key, and other elements of the music.

Sync music to your video

Tuney makes it easy to sync music to your video by providing a timeline and preview options.

Download and export music

Once you have created your perfect soundtrack, you can download it and export it to your computer or device.

Tuney VS Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is a popular royalty-free music platform and has been on the market for quite a long time. On the other hand, Tuney is relatively new and is growing fast.

Let’s check some differences between these two platforms:


Tuney mixes human-made music with computer-generated parts to create music that is customizable.

Epidemic Sound has raw music from top-level musicians and doesn’t combine the music with anything.


The music library is huge of Epidemic Sound, you can find thousands of royalty-free music in its library.

Whereas Tuney has relatively fewer tracks but it is growing faster than Epidemic Sound and other platforms.


Epidemic Sound is expensive and costs you every month. That means you have to pay every month to use the platform and download the soundtracks.

Since Tuney has a deal going on at Appsumo, you just need to purchase one time and the product is for you forever.

Tuney pros & cons

Just like any other platform, Tuney has its own advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Has a large library of music and the list is updated regularly
  2. Has a support forum to discuss various things
  3. All the soundtracks are royalty-free
  4. Has a good UI


  1. Some users have reported that the music is not always high quality
  2. The platform is not as well-established as other popular platforms

Tuney Official website and pricing

You can check the official site and pricing if you want. Click the links below:

  1. Official Site
  2. Pricing

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My Final Thought

Tuney is indeed a game-changer for anyone seeking to create custom soundtracks effortlessly.

With its advanced AI-powered platform, even if you lack audio expertise, you can craft personalized, royalty-free soundtracks that perfectly sync with your videos.

The intuitive dashboard offers a list of editing options, including adjusting music length and instruments.

One of the most important features is its adaptive music, dynamically matching the mood and tempo of your video for flawless synchronization.

In comparison to other platforms, Tuney’s unique hybrid approach stands out, blending human-crafted music with generative elements.

Although the library may be smaller compared to giants like Epidemic Sound, Tuney’s growth rate is promising.

While some users mention occasional audio quality concerns, Tuney’s expanding library and user-friendly interface make it a strong performer for music customization.

Get Tuney from Appsumo to elevate your audiovisual creations without the hassle.

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Create royalty-free custom soundtracks and customize them without any audio skills. Get the best deal from the Tuney Lifetime Deal Appsumo!
5* Review

$119 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !