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TaskMagic Review & Lifetime Deal Appsumo | 2024

TaskMagic Review
The magic is, you can record yourself performing a task like clicking buttons, filling out forms, navigating web pages, and TaskMagic converts those actions into an automation that you can replay anytime. No coding is required!

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Today’s review is about TaskMagic, an AI web automation tool.

Imagine having to fill out the same complex form with dozens of fields every day. It’s tedious and eats away at your productivity.

There are countless repetitive tasks like this on the web, clicking buttons, submitting forms, creating entries – all tasks that leave you feeling dizzy and unproductive.

Enter TaskMagic, a powerful web automation tool that lets you record your repetitive tasks in your browser and turn them into automated workflows.

It’s a great alternative to Zapier and can handle all those boring and repetitive tasks for you, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into TaskMagic, explore its use cases, and help you decide if it’s the perfect solution for your workflow.

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What is TaskMagic?

In short,  TaskMagic is a powerful web automation tool that helps you boost your productivity by automating repetitive tasks in your browser.

The magic is,  you can record yourself performing a task  like clicking buttons, filling out forms, navigating web pages, and TaskMagic  converts those actions into an automation that you can replay  anytime.  No coding is required!

TaskMagic also offers pre-built automations for common tasks,  like scheduling social media posts or scraping data from websites.  This gives you a head start on automating your workflow.

With TaskMagic, you can throw out the repetitive clicking, typing, and copying and pasting, and focus on the tasks that require your expertise.

What is the TaskMagic Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

TaskMagic is currently available at Appsumo, making it a perfect deal for people to free up their time by increasing the automated workflow.

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TaskMagic Review

Life Without TaskMagic

I know you’re already a bit stressed of doing repetitive tasks but let’s see some situations where it seems to be a headache without this AI web automation solution:

Filling Out Complex Forms with Multiple Pages

You somehow struggled with lengthy online applications or registration processes with endless pages of information, right?

TaskMagic can record your entire form-filling journey, including entering data, navigating through pages, and clicking submit. Replay the automation next time and complete the process in seconds.

Data Scraping for Market Research

How does it feel to gather specific data from multiple websites to analyze trends or compare products manually? Copying and pasting data points is tedious and error-prone.

TaskMagic can record your process of extracting data from a website, like copying product prices or competitor information.  Set up the automation to run periodically and keep your data fresh.

Managing Inventory Updates on E-commerce Stores

Running an online store often involves updating product listings across various platforms which can take out a lot of time with zero productivity.

TaskMagic can record the steps you take to edit an item’s description, price, or stock availability on one platform.

Replicate the automation for other platforms, ensuring consistent updates without repetitive manual work.

Automating Password Resets Across Accounts

Forgotten passwords happen! But the recovery process can be a time-waster, especially if you have multiple accounts.

TaskMagic can record the steps you take to request a password reset on one website, including navigating to the password reset page and entering your email address.

Set up automations for your frequently used accounts to streamline password recovery.

Monitoring Social Media Mentions for Brand Awareness

Staying on top of online brand mentions is crucial for businesses. But manually searching social media platforms can be tough.

TaskMagic can record your process of searching for your brand name on a specific platform.

Set up the automation to run at regular intervals to notify you whenever your brand is mentioned and allow you to respond promptly and engage with your audience.

TaskMagic Review

Features of TaskMagic

Let’s take a look at all the extraordinary features that TaskMagic gives for creating custom web automations:

Automate Repetitive Tasks

No more clicking, typing, copying, and pasting endlessly! TaskMagic automates those tedious web tasks so you can do more strategic work and boost productivity.

Pre-built Templates for a Quick Start

TaskMagic provides you with pre-made automations for popular platforms and tools. Integrate them into your workflow with a single click and let the no-code automation platform do the rest.

Effortless Web Scraping

TaskMagic simplifies web scraping, allowing you to automate tasks like sending messages on social media platforms.

You don’t need the clunky APIs for data extraction and be overwhelmed by this.

AI-powered Automation Suggestions

Let TaskMagic analyze your workflow and suggest tasks that can be automated, that’ll save you valuable time and effort.

Record & Replay with Custom Automations

Creating custom automations is as simple as screen recording! Capture your entire work process, whether it takes minutes or hours, with a single click. Review and edit the steps as needed.

Zero Coding Required!

No developer skills necessary! TaskMagic empowers anyone to build custom automations without writing a single line of code.

Seamless Workflow Management

TaskMagic integrates AI to build automations and deliver them directly to your inbox for easy access and download.

Automate tasks like inventory management, outreach campaigns, and messaging for a streamlined workflow.

Unlimited Collaboration

Work smarter, not harder! TaskMagic allows unlimited team members to collaborate across workspaces in their desktop app.

This ensures efficient workflow organization and communication with team members.

TaskMagic Review

The Perfect Zapier Alternative?

Let’s check some of the areas where Zapier or other popular tools lag but TaskMagic wins the race:

Automating within a web browser

TaskMagic is highly effective at automating tasks that happen entirely within your web browser.

Need to fill out a complex form with multiple steps and data entry across pages? TaskMagic can record the entire process and automate it for future use.

Zapier typically relies on pre-built connections with apps and their APIs, which might not cover every action within a specific website.

Recording and replaying actions

This is TaskMagic’s core strength. You can literally record yourself going through a repetitive web process, and TaskMagic will convert those actions into an automation.

This can be incredibly useful for situations where there’s no pre-built Zapier integration available.

No coding needed

Both options are considered no-code solutions, but TaskMagic’s recording and replaying approach might feel even more intuitive for some users.

You don’t need to understand coding or API calls to set up automations within your browser.

Potentially lower cost

TaskMagic is currently available at $79 at Appsumo which is much more affordable compared to Zapier, especially for individual users or those who only need browser automation.

TaskMagic Review

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Final Conclusion

TaskMagic is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their workflow by automating repetitive tasks within their web browser.

With its intuitive recording and replay features, TaskMagic lets users transform manual processes into efficient automated workflows without any coding knowledge required.

From filling out complex forms to web scraping and social media monitoring, TaskMagic offers a range of solutions for boosting productivity.

The current Appsumo deal offers a significant 87% discount and lifetime access that makes TaskMagic an attractive alternative to more costly automation tools.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your workflow and save your valuable time!

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
In this article, we'll dive deeper into TaskMagic, explore its use cases, and help you decide if it's the perfect solution for your workflow.
5* Review

$588 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !