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StoryScraper Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$39]

StoryScraper Lifetime Deal appsumo
Summary: Create compelling & unique web stories with a ton of customizations with StoryScraper!

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Web stories are a great way of showing creativity and eye-catching content summaries that gather a much larger audience.

But the fact is, the challenge of creating compelling content can often be frustrating and time-consuming even if you have an experienced team.

Wish you had an AI assistant to create web stories from scratch and gather more visitors.

Say Hi to “StoryScraper”, an AI-driven tool that promises to bring your brand’s stories to life by creating unique web stories.

While there are some popular platforms like StoryChief, Piktochart, Google web stories, etc. are in the market then why this new performer will compete?

Plus, what are the unique features? We’ll know everything and give you a 10% discount if you’re new to Appsumo.

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What is StoryScraper?

In short, StoryScraper is a comprehensive AI platform designed to transform your existing content into engaging stories for your WordPress site.

Imagine being able to convert your blogs, articles, or product pages into visually appealing web stories that not only enhance your brand’s visibility but also drive traffic from the vast expanse of the internet, especially from search engines like Google.

StoryScraper, with ChatGPT integration, can create engaging web stories that capture the essence of your content.

It does this by automatically generating content summaries and compressing information into bite-sized image slides.

You can customize the stories to match your brand’s identity by adjusting the colors, fonts, margins, and opacity.

There are a lot more features that make this AI story maker stand out from the crowd. We’ll see each of them in this review.

What is StoryScraper Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Without breaking the bank, you can create competing stories with StoryScraper.

Since Appsumo has featured this deal, you can get lifetime access which means you just pay once for the product.

Here are some benefits you’ll get(Note: Please check the features at Appsumo before buying a product):

  • A 84% discount(The regular price was $119 but the discount price is $19)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount for you

Who should use StoryScraper?

StoryScraper has a lot of potential which makes it a versatile tool suitable for anyone working on blogging and marketing.

Let’s check some creators that can use this web story builder in their business:


For bloggers who want to make their written content more exciting, StoryScraper provides a way to turn ordinary blog posts into interesting stories that grab readers’ attention with visuals.


Marketers who want to boost their brand’s online visibility can use this web story creator to turn regular marketing material into visually attractive stories that make a strong impression.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing companies can use StoryScraper to make their content creation smoother and they can provide clients with visually pleasing stories that enhance their digital plans.


Freelancers can free up their time by creating eye-catching customizable web stories for their clients.

This will make sure the clients are happy to see the output and they can customize anything easily.

Who Should Not Use StoryScraper?

Although StoryScraper offers a potent set of tools for reshaping content, it may not suit individuals who place a premium on hands-on, 100% real content creation that demands actual human creativity.

Why should you use StoryScraper?

Unlike many popular platforms, StoryScraper gives you extra benefits. Let’s check them:

User & SEO Friendly

You can be sure that the generated web stories are friendly for users and optimized for search engines.

High Reliability (99% Uptime)

You can get a high level of reliability with a 99% uptime rate. This ensures uninterrupted usage whenever you need it.

Broad Website Support (99.9% Supported Sites)

The platform covers almost all sites you might want to gather content from.

Valid Web Stories

It generates web stories in adherence to the latest web story standards, ensuring trouble-free publishing.

High-Quality Image Uploading

This facilitates the upload of high-quality images, ensuring visually appealing and standout web stories.

Community Support

You get a dedicated community support team available to answer questions and provide assistance whenever required.


Now let’s check unique features that will make you grab StoryScraper from other tools.

Conversion Magic

StoryScraper’s standout feature is its ability to transform written content into captivating stories with just a few clicks.

This feature opens up opportunities to create web stories about trending topics so the audiences can see what’s currently popular.

Keyword Magic

By using popular search keywords, StoryScraper creates new stories that connect with your audience and optimizes your content for search engines.

This results in more people viewing your stories, increased website traffic, and a better position in Google search results.

Scraping Web Content

The tool allows you to scrape content from various corners of the internet and seamlessly integrate it into your brand’s narrative.

This is especially valuable for staying relevant and engaging with diverse audiences.

AI Content Spinning

Automatically rewrites scraped content using AI technology which makes it both unique and easier to read.

AMP Supported

The AI tool Supports the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) framework so web stories load quickly and are optimized for mobile devices.

AI Text Translation

The tool supports the automatic translation of scraped text using AI which facilitates the creation of web stories in multiple languages.

Multi Sites Linking

StoryScraper links to multiple websites so you can scrape web stories from each site and access a diverse range of content.

Email Notification Alert

You will get email notifications when scraped web stories are ready so you can keep updated without missing important developments.

Scheduled Scraping

You can schedule web story scraping at your convenience so you can automate the process and free your time for other tasks.

ChatGPT Integration

By integrating ChatGPT, StoryScraper ensures that your storytelling is nothing short of exceptional. This integration empowers you to draft high-quality content that captivates and resonates with readers, making the storytelling process seamless.

Pros & Cons

Unlike StoryChief, Piktochart, Google web stories, etc., StoryScraper has also some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check them: 


  • Effortlessly converts existing content into visually appealing web stories.
  • Drives traffic and enhances visibility through optimized storytelling.
  • Customizable design elements for cohesive brand representation.
  • ChatGPT integration ensures top-notch content quality.
  • Seamlessly integrates with WordPress via plugin or REST API.


  • It is dependent on AI-generated content, which might not always capture nuanced human creativity.
  • Limited control over AI-generated summaries, potentially leading to inaccuracies.

Popular Alternatives

While StoryScraper shines brightly, several alternatives cater to different content creation preferences:


StoryChief is a web story builder and publishing platform that allows you to create, publish, and manage web stories from one place.


Piktochart is a visual content creation platform that allows you to create a variety of content, including web stories.

Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is a free tool that allows you to create and publish web stories. It is a relatively new tool, but it offers a variety of features.

You can check the above platforms though they don’t have any discount or will give you lifetime access. Only StoryScraper has lifetime access running at Appsumo.

StoryScraper Official website and pricing

You can check the official site and pricing if you want. Click the links below:

  1. Official Site
  2. Pricing

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Final Conclusion

StoryScraper indeed emerges as a revolutionary solution in today’s digital landscape.

Its AI-powered approach to converting existing content into visually engaging stories offers a transformative opportunity for bloggers, marketers, and agencies to enhance their online presence.

Through its smooth integration, customizable options, and ChatGPT-powered content generation, StoryScraper shines as a symbol of efficiency and creativity.

However, for those who highly need human-crafted content, alternative options might be more fitting.

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Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Create compelling & unique web stories with a ton of customizations with StoryScraper! Grab the deal from the StoryScraper Lifetime Deal Appsumo!
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