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Storipress Lifetime Deal

Today’s review is about “Storipress Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Content is everywhere on the internet. Whether you’re a blog writer or news publisher, you must manage your content for simplicity.

But the fact is, without a good content management platform, it is challenging to grow & manage your operations.

What if there is a platform that’s tailor-made for publishers like you, and watches your business take off?

Say hiya to “Storipress” – a complete content publishing platform that helps you create and manage your blog easily.

We’ll give you every knowledge about this management tool and give you a 10% discount from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal if you’re new to Appsumo and buy it from this review!

What is Storipress?

Storipress Lifetime Deal

Storipress is indeed a complete content management platform that helps you publish and manage your website’s content with ease.

The important fact is, it provides a user-friendly interface that enables you to create and organize your content quickly and efficiently.

Storipress is an ideal platform for bloggers, marketers, and businesses who want to streamline their content creation process.

One of the most significant advantages of Storipress is that it comes with a lifetime deal. This means that you pay a one-time fee to access all of the platform’s features, including future updates and an extra off from this review.

Overall, Storipress is a valuable tool for anyone looking to build a website with a content management system.

Its lifetime Appsumo deal, user-friendly interface, and powerful features make it an excellent choice for content creators of all levels.

The Appsumo deal is going to be unavailable soon, so grab lifetime access to this publishing platform from this review right now!

What is Storipress Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Storipress is an amazing platform for building & monetizing online publications. Currently, this article publishing platform is available as the Lifetime Deal on Appsumo with a huge discount.

What will you get from the deal if you buy this content publishing platform from Appsumo Lifetime?

  • Straight 87% discount from the real price
  • Pay once, use forever
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Option to choose bigger plans
  • Get all the premium features
  • An extra 10% discount from this review if you’re new to Appsumo

This is an unbeatable deal that is not going to be available for too long. So, grab Storipress from Appsumo Lifetime Deal right now!

Why Storipress? Simply Explained

Storipress Lifetime Deal

In short, you can create and publish blog posts, manage your media library, and optimize your content for search engines.

In fact, it’s an all-in-one solution that simplifies your content management process, saving you time and effort.

The content management system is not only sleek and modern but also designed with your audience in mind.

Most importantly, the user-friendly interface combines the latest technology with a refined UI, making it easy for you to create content that adapts to your readers’ preferences.

Use the native kanban and calendar views to collaborate with your team without any hassle.

Talking about the speed, websites created by Storipress are super-fast and the load speed is amazingly fast for the users to be attracted.

Moreover, you can integrate the platform with Shopify for the Shopify blog part!

Not only this, but you can also integrate Prebid, GPT, etc to monetize your content writing.

There is so much more in Storipress that we’re going to explore in a simple way!

Don’t wait cause the Lifetime Appsumo Deal is going to end soon, so grab this content management system from this review to get an extra 10% deal if you’re new to Appsumo!

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What Can You Do With Storipress?

With this content management system, you can do a collaboration, creation, brand yourself, and much much more!

Keep reading this review to know all the things that you can do with this management system.

If you’re already interested then buy this publishing platform from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal right now from this review!

Storipress Lifetime Deal


Storipess is robust and user-friendly to make a plan, collaborate with your team, and make better plans. You get every feature built-in to communicate and monitor your workers. Keep reading this review to know about Collaboration more!

  1. Kanban Board: You can know every team member’s progress and what they’re doing on the Kanban Board.

    The design is eye-catching and minimalistic. Also, you can know how ready an article is for publication.

    The board is indeed customizable and you’ll get real-time notifications via Slack if any article’s state is changed.

    The filter is also amazing! You can search articles by title, tag, author, etc to get the desired content quickly.
  2. Calendar Content Planning: At Storipress, the team crafted a content calendar that’s tailored to help you make smart decisions that resonate with your audience.

    You can also plan visually whether an article is ready or an author needs more time. Plus, the calendar helps you plan and organize your content and also automagically schedules your new articles for publishing.
  3. Permissions, Rethought: Looking to restrict your team’s access to certain article categories on your publication? Storipress has got you covered!

    The innovative content-category-based access control feature makes it easy for you to limit your team’s access to specific content categories.

    Say goodbye to unauthorized access and hello to a more secure and organized workflow!
  4. Social Media Management: Looking to streamline your social media game? Try having the social media strategists utilize the same tools as your editorial team!

    With Storipress, they can easily draft and schedule posts directly within the platform. By integrating these processes, you can ensure a cohesive and efficient social media presence for your brand.

    So why not give it a shot? Your audience (and your team) will thank you!

    Grab the unbelievable deal from the Lifetime Appsumo Deal now! With an extra 10% off from this review, the pricing is unbeatable.
  5. Unlimited Publications: Create as many publications as you desire with Storipress! No need to worry about extra charges.

    With Storipress, you have the freedom to publish without boundaries.
  6. Integrate with Shopify: Connect your Shopify store and create a professional, SEO-optimized blog in just seconds.

    But wait, there’s more! This content publishing platform announces that a Webflow connection will be available in Q2. So, whether you’re a Shopify or Webflow user, Storipress has got you covered.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Amazed to see all the features. Don’t wait long and purchase the publishing tool with an unbeatable discount from the Lifetime Appsumo deal with an extra 10% off from this review!

Storipress Lifetime Deal


Creating websites with this article tool is as easy as making a pie! Keep our review to know all about creation.

  1. Built for Collaboration: Storipress is the only CMS where you can work on the same article simultaneously with the collaborative editing feature.

    You can monitor and guide the whole work by tracking changes, adding highlights, etc.

    Say goodbye to the monotony of using a mouse and try out the slash commands or contextual menu options. With the contextual menu, you can effortlessly navigate through pages, without having to move your mouse.

    You get over 3000 sources to embed rich content such as images, videos, etc in your articles.

    Most importantly, you can use AI to work faster than ever in Storipress!
  2. Create Social Posts: Craft captivating social media posts directly within the Storipress Editor and effortlessly share your story with your followers by connecting your social media accounts.

    Once your article is published, your posts will automatically go live, ensuring that your audience stays engaged and up-to-date with your latest content.

    With Storipress, keeping your social media presence active has never been simpler.
  3. Live Preview: With just a simple flick of a switch, Storipress can transform your content into a real live preview.

    And the best part? You can keep on writing in preview mode, giving you the freedom to perfect your content until it’s just right.

    Say goodbye to clunky editing processes and hello to a more streamlined, user-friendly writing experience with Storipress.

    Grab the best deal from the Lifetime Appsumo with 10% off from the review right now!
  4. Image Focal Points: Are you tired of seeing only half of the critical elements of your headline images on your mobile screen? Say no more!

    Storipress has got you covered. An advanced focus picker algorithm is designed to identify the most visually appealing aspect of your image and crop it skillfully to fit all screen sizes.
  5. SEO Tools: With our powerful SEO tools, you have the freedom to craft personalized tags, URLs, and social media metadata.

    And the best part? You can preview how they’ll look on search engines and social media platforms before hitting publish!

    Equipped with over 30 rules, our editor has got you covered when it comes to adhering to the best SEO practices. It’s like having your own personal SEO guru!

    Moreover, with Storipress’ editor, you can be sure that your images won’t go unnoticed without alt-text.

    The editor conveniently highlights any images without alt-text, making it easy for you to add that final touch and improve your SEO.
  6. Custom Blocks: Storipress has custom blocks with which you can create reusable chunks of content that you can add to your article. You can also style them with Karbon or any front-end framework.

    Now you have an idea about how easily you can build and customize your system. Don’t wait long, grab the best deal from Lifetime Appsumo with an extra discount from this review right now!
Storipress Lifetime Deal

Branding Yourself

Storipress lets you brand better than other systems. Keep reading the review to know more!

  1. Pagebuilder: Site-building is made easy with the block-based approach!

    The modular system maximizes performance and ensures that your site is mobile-responsive.

    By optimizing everything from design and user experience to site performance and SEO, Storipress has you covered.

    Use over 50 professionally designed blocks to create your desired site. You can style any block with the Storipress Builder to fit your brand.

    Add your content dynamically by adding content categories to the page section.
  2. Article Designer: The article publishing platform offers an array of professionally-designed templates that are perfect for customizing your content to suit your unique style and audience.

    Whether you’re looking to spice up your fonts, add eye-catching drop caps, or incorporate other design elements, the in-built article builder makes it easy to bring your vision to life.

    With just a few clicks, you can create stunning articles that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your readers.
  3. Infinity Scroll: In this day and age, people are used to the infinite scroll from social media feeds like Instagram. That’s why Storipress has got your back!

    There will be an infinite scroll feature on all of your articles, so your readers can seamlessly scroll through your content without any interruptions.

    Say goodbye to losing readers and hello to increased engagement with Storipress! Grab the tool from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal with a great off from our review right now!
  4. Blazing-fast Performance: The block-based approach gives you highly optimized code to load 50% faster than other websites.
  5. Image Optimization: Storipress takes care of all your image needs, from resizing to optimization and conversion.

    But that’s not all! Storipress uses the latest image format – WebP – which is 35% smaller than JPEG without any compromise on quality.

    That means your website will load faster, and your users will have a smoother browsing experience.
  6. Unlimited Fonts: You can get and access the world’s best fonts very easily as fonts are a crucial part of the whole website.

Storipress has every feature to take you from the bottom to #1. So, don’t wait and purchase the content management system from our review to get an instant 10% discount at the Lifetime Appsumo deal!

Engage & Monetize

Storipress Lifetime Deal
  1. Paywalls & Newsletters: Gated content is encrypted, which means that the content is only accessible to those who have the right credentials to enter.

    When signing up, you can get user information(name, email, etc). Why not send newsletters? Send email newsletters automatically to the audiences who have signed up.

    To get revenue, connect your site with Stripe and collect subscriptions!

    On the next update, you can also build professional email campaigns with a drag-and-drop builder.
  2. Audience Analytics: As your go-to email service provider, web host, and social scheduler, this platform brings together all your user metrics into one place.

    With the state-of-the-art analytics layer, you can easily view every interaction a user has made across both web and email platforms.

    Plus, the easy-to-use GraphQL API lets you query and access all the data you need.
  3. Programmatic Advertising: Get organized and simplify your ad management with a single configuration file for all your Google Publisher Tags and optional Prebid placements.
Storipress Lifetime Deal


  1. GraphQL API: GraphQL makes your team more efficient by simplifying the process of handling numerous REST entities and overly-specific endpoints and queries.

    Look no further than Storipress’ GraphQL API! With this API, you can retrieve only the data you need, without any excess baggage weighing down your website.
  2. Content Modelling: With Storipress, you can create custom data types that are then easily accessible via their GraphQL API.

    And the best part? Data entry is a breeze with their user-friendly, no-code visualizations.

    So whether you’re a developer or an editorial team, Storipress has got you covered.
  3. Karbon: Introducing Karbon, the ultimate front-end framework designed exclusively for content-driven businesses.

    With its pre-built structure, easy-to-use route handling, seamless data fetching, and a wide range of components and tools, Karbon allows you to focus on creating unique features that showcase your brand while saving time on styling and designing.

    Plus, Karbon is made with Vue JS which is 30% faster than React JS. So, the performance you’ll get is blazing fast!

There are much more features like engaging with your audiences and developing the site

Plans & Pricing

Storipress has a free version to test whether it is suitable for the audience. But to use this management tool in business, you have to pay at least $16 per month which is not a good deal.

That’s the reason the Lifetime Appsumo Deal will be perfect for you as you get over 87% discount and have to pay only once in your lifetime and use it forever!

Also, make sure to buy this content publishing system from our review to get a 10% extra discount at the Lifetime Appsumo Deal.

Storipress Lifetime Deal

Storipress Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

Get the Lifetime Deal Appsumo for $49 instead of $384(License Tier 1), which means an over 87% discount! Plus an extra 10% off from our review!

Storipress Lifetime Deal
Storipress Lifetime Deal
Storipress Lifetime Deal

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Complete the below tasks to get a huge discount for the Appsumo Lifetime Deal of $49 and an extra 10% on top of this from the review.

The Appsumo Lifetime Deal from the review is not going to stick for a long time, follow all of the steps to get it:

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Final Conclusion

Storipress is the ultimate solution for all your storytelling needs! Whether you’re a professional writer, blogger, or content creator, Storipress is the perfect platform for you to showcase your stories.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced features, Storipress makes it easy to create, edit, and publish your stories with just a few clicks.

Not only is Storipress incredibly easy to use, but it’s also optimized for search engines, making it the perfect platform to increase your online visibility and reach a wider audience.

So, why are you waiting? Grab the best deal on this content publishing platform from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal with an extra 10% discount from this review right now!

How many days the Appsumo Lifetime Deal will be available?

Usually, the Appsumo Lifetime Deal doesn’t stick too long, so grab the deal right now from the Appsumo Lifetime Offer.

Can I get an extra 10% discount from your review?

If you’re new to Appsumo then you’ll definitely get an extra discount from this review.

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