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Serpple Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: The Accurate SEO Analyzer

Serpple Lifetime Deal
Summary: Track keywords, analyze SEO, and track competitors to rank high on SERP with Serpple!

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Today’s review is about “Serpple Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Ranked websites are mostly found on SERP and they get a huge amount of users, well this is the power of SEO.

But the fact is, doing SEO, tracking keywords, analyzing competitors, etc are not a glass of water.

What if you had a complete tool for keyword research, competitor analysis, and much more?

Well, say Hello to “Serpple”!

In today’s review, we’re gonna check the sectors of this SEO tool analyzer, and how it performs than other platforms, and we’ll give you an extra 10% off if you’re new.

What is Serpple?

Serpple Lifetime Deal

In short, Serpple is a comprehensive SEO toolkit and keyword analyzer that lets you rank high on SERPs.

You can analyze keywords, track your website performance, analyze competitors, etc to get the best SEO result and grow 10x faster!

There are some popular toolkits are Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubersuggest, etc that you can also check. But the Appsumo Deal is available only for Serpple.

What is Serpple Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Serpple is an accurate keyword tracker and SEO analyzer that is going on sale at Appsumo where you get a BIG discount.

From the deal, you’ll achieve:

  • Over 36% discount(The regular price was $108 and the discount price is $69)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • All premium features with lifetime update
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Has the freedom to buy bigger options of this deal
  • If you’re new to Appsumo, an extra 10% discount from this review

Why should you use Serpple?

Serpple lets you do the work in one place and gives you data about your website as well as competitor websites.

The primary advantage is that the keyword tracker is highly accurate(Over 99%), making this the AMAZING SEO tool for keyword research! The results are updated every 24 hours.

Furthermore, the intuitive interface helps you work with data and find keywords easily with list or grid views. This is well-organized and productive.

In-depth SERP tracking with each and every detail to get more knowledge so you can improve your website performance.

Not only this, you have the power of AI that lets you find known and unknown competitors, monitors them, and suggests how you can take them down!

Serpple’s Rank Tracker

Serpple Lifetime Deal

Tracking keywords is a must to rank on Google. The Rank tracker allows you to master keyword ranking.

This competitive analysis tool will automatically track keywords for you. Below are some features that you’ll get from the rank tracker.

Real-time keyword ranking updates

Make your decisions based on regular keyword ranking updates. The update is done every 24 hours so you can optimize SEO better!

Location-based and device-specific tracking

Many keywords rank on specific countries. Suppose, if you want to get viewers from the USA, then you can check which keywords are specifically ranked within the USA.

Also, you can check keywords on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices specifically!

Customizable alerts and notifications

We already know that after 24 hours the keyword ranking changes. You can set alerts and notifications on specific keywords so if any changes happen, you can get to know the updates first!

The data-driven insights will have up-to-date and accurate data so you can easily improve your SEO.

Plus, you can save time and energy as you get automatic updates through alerts and notifications.

SEO Competitor Tracker

Serpple Lifetime Deal

Tracking competitors with AI will be a huge improvement for you. The AI will get all the insights and SEO data of your competitors.

When you see how they do for better SEO, you can work according to new techniques to overcome them and make a better result.

Your direct competitors

It’s direct competitors who have your visitors, and to make better SEO than them, you are actually to find them. Well, don’t find them manually, the AI will do this for you!

Not only discover the direct competitors but also you can get valuable insights and SEO data from them to stay ahead of the game!

It’s helpful because you can know your gaps and get scopes to do better, you can also refine your SEO strategy and compare performance.

Keyword Research Tool

Serpple Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo The Accurate SEO Analyzer (1)

Keywords are the words that users search on search engines. If you choose focus keywords carefully then you can easily rank top, and that’s where the Keyword Research Tool comes forward!

You just need to add some keywords and the AI will give data about them. Plus, you can specify the country to know the ranking of the keywords in a specific country.

You can get the monthly volume, and competition of each keyword so you can find the perfect keyword for you!

Keyword Explorer

You don’t have to brainstorm keywords manually, this wastes time! Rather you give the keyword and the AI will sufficiently find every keyword and its volume.

Deep analysis data and performance

You can see every keyword’s average volume, competition, CPC, etc within the interface.

Not only this but which keywords rank in which countries are also shown beside.

See keyword ranking from the keyword history to predict how it will perform in the future.

The best thing, all data are more than 99.5% accurate so you get the best insight without any trust issues!

Serpple Vs UberSuggest

Both Serpple and UberSuggest are powerful SEO tools and have many features to rank top on SERPs. Still, there are differences between them.

User Interface

Serpple has a more minimalistic and good-looking interface though the interface is also good on UberSuggest. But I personally think Serpple’s UI is more intuitive.


Both toolkits have a rank tracker, site audit, keyword research, etc. But each toolkit has its unique features.

For example, UberSuggest has a Chrome extension whereas Serpple has an Advanced rank tracker, more accurate results, deep insights, competitor tracker, AI technology, and much more.


Clearly, UberSuggest is much much popular among people. On the other hand, Serpple is also popular as over 2000 companies are currently using it.


This is where the decisions are made. The cost of UberSuggest is higher than Serpple.

Moreover, Serpple has an Appsumo Deal available where you have to buy it only one time and use it forever!

Tools that may help with Serpple

If you want to generate content then check this tool(s):

If you want to build a website for your content then check this tool(s):

Plans & Pricing

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Final Words

Serpple is mainly an SEO toolkit that uses AI to find keywords, give detailed insights, and much more.

Currently, over 2000 companies and many users are happily using this tool for competitor analysis.

If you want to rank top on search engines like Google then it’s the best toolkit for you to make better SEO!


  1. Can I see customer reviews?
    Ans: Of course! Here are some links:
    1. Appsumo Reviews
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  2. Will I get accurate data?
    Ans: The data you see is over 99.5% accurate.
Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Serpple is a complete keyword tracker and SEO tool that lets you rank high! Get the best deal from Serpple Lifetime Deal Appsumo
5* Review

$108 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !