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Nymblr Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: Get 90M+ Verified B2b Leads

Nymblr Lifetime Deal
Summary: Use from 90 million US-based contacts for any purpose with Nymblr!

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Summary: Use from 90 million US-based contacts for any purpose with Nymblr!

Today’s review is about “Nymblr Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Leads are one of the best ways to advertise a company and they are easy to find.

But the fact is, verified leads are not that easy to find, and if you want 90 million leads? No way!

Wish you had a massive database of leads that are 100% valid.

Nymblr” gives you that amount of lead data!

Now the fact is, is this contact finder valid or trustworthy? How many valid lead data are there? Can we filter our specific leads?

We’ll know all these and give you an extra 10% off from this review if you’re new to Appsumo!

What is Nymblr?

In short, Nymblr is a comprehensive contact database that has 90M+ valid US contacts.

You can use the contacts for any purpose or anywhere you want, from social media platforms to cold email campaigns.

All the contacts are valid and this lead finder WILL NEVER charge you for invalid or disconnected contacts!

You can also automatically validate emails in real-time so you can know which emails are not valid, you don’t have to pay for bad data.

But you don’t want 90M users, you want your targeted lead list, then how will you find them? With the filters, of course!

The main thing is, you don’t have to break your bank to get this database, the price is like water!

What is Nymblr Lifetime Appsumo Deal?


We already know Nymblr gives us a huge database for b2b leads. Is it costly? NO!

Appsumo is giving us Nymblr at a 96% discount and we only have to pay once.

You’ll have these features from the Appsumo deal:

  • Over 96% discount(The regular price was $948 and the discount price is $39)
  • Pay only once and use it forever
  • All premium features with lifetime update
  • Unlimited users can work together on finding and using leads
  • White-label data
  • Real-time email validation
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount from this review

About Nymblr Data and Validity

Currently, the Nymblr database has 90M+ US contacts that are listed after being verified. And the database is being updated regularly.

All the b2b lead data are accurate and valid. If any data is invalid or has an issue, you won’t get charged for that.

Also, there is an automatic real-time email validation system so you know which emails are valid. For invalid data, you don’t have to pay!

This database is trustworthy because companies like Us Health Group, Career Unlished, XPerra, DIGIBOOST, etc take leads every day from Nymblr!

This platform also guarantees the best value and quality data in the lead database industry!

Why should you use Nymblr?

Well, the main reason for using this b2b contact database is its quality contact list. There are also some core reasons for you to use this lead database for your company:

Giant Library

You get a 90M+ US b2b contact list for your brand. All data are valid and 100% accurate. You don’t have to pay for bad data.

Real-time Email Verification

The automatic email verification system will validate the emails so you can know which emails are valid. You don’t have to pay for invalid emails!

Unlimited Users

You don’t have to pay for each user seat cause you can work with unlimited people without any cost!

Easy To Use

Whether you want to get specific data or custom audiences, this platform and APIs will make the workflow easy.

So you can grow your existing data, use data for outreach campaigns, use data for marketing, etc.

Build custom B2B audiences & contact lists

You can easily build custom B2B audiences and contact lists for your cold emails, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn ads, etc. It’s simple to supercharge campaigns!

Launch personalized campaigns

It’s a breeze to launch your own campaigns for each account across channels like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and email.

Add Contacts to CRM

If you use CRM then it’s your good luck! Cause you can add new contact and company info to your CRM to enrich your database.

White-labeling features

Customize the platform with your own branding and get all the powerful tools to set up a team.


There are many popular lead platforms in the market right now, below are some:

It is noted that only Nymblr and UseArtemis have the deal going on.

Plans & Pricing

Nymblr Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

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Final Conclusion

Nymblr is indeed one of the best b2b databases right now that gives you accurate user data.

With its 100% valid contacts, ease of use, white labeling features, unlimited users, real-time email verification, etc – this deal can be best for you!

Whether you want data for your company or campaign, you can always have lead data within your hand.


  1. Is your database limited to only US-based business contacts?
    Ans: Yes, we currently have US contacts only but this platform is accessible worldwide.
  2. Do you have an API integration so that I can connect your platform to Go High Level?
    Ans: Yes, we offer API access with each account.
  3. Are the contacts accurate?
    Ans: Yes, the contacts are accurate and verified. You don’t have to cost money for invalid data.
Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Get highly accurate data from 90M+ US-based contact database. Get the best deal from Nymblr Lifetime Deal Appsumo!
5* Review

$948 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !