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Nifty Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: Manage Projects With AI

Nifty Lifetime Deal
Summary: Nifty is a project management tool that combines management, communication, goal, etc to reduce time and improve productivity.

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When you’re the manager of a project management company, you know how important every part of a project is.

Communication is the first priority… No, the project goal is the first priority… No, understanding the project tasks is the main priority. Well, each and every aspect of the management system has the same priority.

You should have a Project management tool that has every part of a business, is powerful and easy to use, but not overly complicated.

You should use “Nifty”.

In this review, we’re gonna talk about this project management tool and give you an extra 10% discount from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

What is Nifty?

Nifty is a comprehensive project management system where you can manage tasks, collaborate with team members & clients, track time, create documents, etc.

There is no doubt that Nifty is the complete platform you need ever for your projects as it consolidates so many tools down to one powerful platform.

Many many users just love the management system for its design and ease of use. Almost 90% of users said that Nifty is one of the most beautiful-looking management tools in the market.

Keep reading the article about the review of Nifty where you’ll know how it helps you in every sector of the projects and where it is used.

How Nifty Helps You In Projects


Decision-making is easier than ever if collaboration with team members and clients is excellent and focused. Nifty has a clean chat system to discuss projects, talk about roadmaps & deadlines, etc.

You can share any project-related files from your PC, Drive, DropBox, etc to clarify more.

You can answer the members’ questions as a thread which is helpful for answering questions or replying to anyone’s message. This is what the threads look like:

The best part of this system is you can turn messages into tasks directly from the project discussions, create docs to take notes, and invite members automatically!

You can also chat with any member privately outside the project.

Task Management

Managing tasks is crucial to complete a project before the deadline. With Nifty, you can clarify each task as much as possible.

You can set which task is for which project, which task is due today, which is due tomorrow or this month, etc.

You have all your tasks listed by due dates in the “My Tasks” section where you can see and understand clearly about each task.

With the task management system, you can never miss a deadline cause you can filter tasks by almost anything to see the whole progress.

Don’t give tasks to each user manually, it’s a waste of time. Create a complete task list and assign users to that list. Users will automatically be set to every task!

Not only this, some tasks like “Add a blog to the site” are repetitive tasks and you can set these tasks to recur by date or status. This management platform will automatically set them!

To boost up the whole team, set milestones after some tasks to automate the team’s progress.

Some tasks are special, they need custom descriptions. You can add as many custom fields as you want on each task to describe it better.

For smaller, less important, or less time-consuming tasks, you can set them into sub-tasks to let users about their importance.

After finishing a task, you might want to see how much time you’ve spent on that task to know about productivity. Well, the Time Tracker does the counting for you!

Centralized Docs & Files

Collaborative documents and files are important for the discussion of a project where all members attach their thoughts, images, roadmaps, etc. Nifty has great docs and files collaboration system.

The easiest way to create a doc is, to create a doc directly from the project discussion and immediately invite everyone to that discussion.

Anyone whom you’ve invited to the doc can view, edit, and comment to collaborate with others which is a great way to improve productivity.

To leave any comment or feedback, no one has to leave the doc. Everyone can comment on the whole doc or a specific section of the doc. Feedbacks and get immediate answers are amazing ways to work seamlessly!

What about finding a document? Manually? Nah, that’s too time-consuming. Search by document or file name and you get that within a second. You also can filter the documents by a specific user.

Now, what about Google Docs? Well, you can directly create Google Docs in the platform as well as sheets and presentations. All files are on one platform!

Lastly, you can add short descriptions or notes to the documents and files to clearly understand their content without opening them.

Workload & Project Overviews

Distributing projects smartly is a great way to reduce workload and effectively complete a project. You can add crystal-clear project status for the members to understand each project better.

Each project milestone has some tasks underneath it and each task has detailed descriptions, deadlines, custom fields, etc in it.

Plus, you can get every member’s status like on which task an individual is working and when did he work on that task last time which is very good to get the overall statistics.

Project Portfolios

Some projects are public, some are private, some are for everyone, and some are for specific people, right?

You can create private or public tasks as well as invitation-based tasks to ensure security.

You can move projects across portfolios and can give the portfolios to other persons to reduce your stress.

Project Milestones

Milestones make it easy to keep track of your progress by automatically updating the status of tasks that are in progress, completed, or overdue.

When you complete tasks that are tied to a milestone, the status of that milestone is updated in real-time, giving you a clear picture of how far along you are in your project.

Ensure all tasks in a milestone are completed before moving on to the next set of tasks by setting dependencies. This means that tasks in a milestone will be blocked until all other tasks in the same milestone are finished.

Never forget crucial tasks by creating a recurring schedule for your sprints with repeating milestones. Also, you can add more details to your milestones using custom fields.


Every project needs data to be the actual successor, but how do you collect data from users? Of course, with forms!

Build professional-looking forms right into Nifty and get the necessary data for your projects.

Create a task and fill in custom fields automatically when someone submits a form. You can also make a Nifty document for each form response in your project.

Time Tracking

Stop using multiple time tracking tools and simplify your time reports by connecting them to your projects.

You can easily view the hours worked by a team member on different projects and tasks by selecting a specific date range.

Easily access detailed insights about your projects and tasks. Analyze real data to determine how to distribute team member time and balance workloads.

Lastly, you can easily manage your timesheets with multiple options: print them out, export them as a CSV file, or download them as a PDF document.

Project Home

Manage your project efficiently with a centralized platform that allows you to create workflows, organize knowledge hubs, and track time spent all in one place.

Nifty Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: Manage Projects With AI

In Which Sectors You Can Use Nitfy

  1. Agile Development: Manage your Agile projects efficiently by providing a collaborative workspace, project tracking, and task management features.
  1. Client Management: A centralized system that manages your clients, including communication, invoicing, and project updates, all in one place.
  2. Digital Agencies: The platform can help you streamline your digital agency’s workflow with features like task management, project tracking, and team collaboration.
  3. Legal Case Management: Manage legal cases efficiently by tracking deadlines, documents, and communication between team members.
  4. Marketing Teams: Nifty can help you to manage your marketing campaigns efficiently by providing a collaborative workspace, project tracking, and task management features.
  5. Product Teams: It’s a centralized platform that manages your product development process, including project tracking, task management, and team collaboration.

More Exciting Features! – Nifty Reviews

  1. Import Into Nifty: Bring in your tasks and projects from popular project management tools like Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Jira, Trello, and Wrike with ease. You can also import your own CSV and Excel sheets to continue your work from where you left off.
  2. Native Integrations: Nifty makes it simple to connect with your favorite tools, allowing you to move and synchronize data without interrupting your work. Whether you work in engineering, design, management, or sales, you are covered.
  3. Workflow Automation: Let Nifty handle your repetitive tasks by creating personalized if/then automation, allowing you to concentrate on what’s important and save time.
  4. Custom Embeds: Add numerous third-party apps and websites to your projects, tasks, and documents. This will help you streamline all aspects of your project’s lifecycle and have everything in one convenient location.

Plans & Pricing – Nifty Review

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Final Judgment

With tons of tools in a single platform, happy users, an easy-to-use platform, and much more – Nifty is undoubtedly an all-rounder!

Up to 20,000 medium and big teams including Verizon, Periscope Data, IBM, etc use this management tool to enhance their business.

Manage projects like a PRO with Nifty! Grab it from the Lifetime Appsumo Deal right now from this review!

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
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