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Komodo Decks lifetime deals and review | friendly screencasting solution 2023

Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Meet: Komodo Decks lifetime deals

We all believe that 1 video is worth 1000+ images. We always need a good video recorder to save time, and to share our ideas much faster, isn’t that right? If I tell you that, I have a great solution for you.

Introducing Komodo Decks – a user-friendly screencasting solution so that you can collaborate with people faster than ever, without the hassle of typing lots of text!

What is Komodo Decks?

Komodo is a screencasting solution that helps you screencast HD videos in a snap! You just need to share your screen, connect your camera, and record as you like. To collaborate faster and share your ideas with people without the hassle of typing lots of text, Komodo Decks screencast can help you.

How Komodo Decks works?

Using Komodo Decks is very easy! Just follow the steps:

Step-1(Record Video): Record your screen, camera and talk comfortably

Step-2(Share it): After you finish your recording,

copy the link, embed, or share it.

That’s it, you’re done!

Where you can use Komodo Decks

  • In Presentation: For training material recording, company updates, customer success tailored to your unique users, etc.
  • In Education: Teachers record lectures or supplemental content. Students record assignments and updates.

Boost Sales: Send short and personalized videos to prospects walking them through your product offering.

Why do you need Comodo Decks?

Meet: Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Even if you don’t know how to use it, you won’t have any difficulties at first. Komodo Decks provides you with a lot of video analytics information. For example, you can see who watched your video, when, where, and the response of your audience can be observed. Making better business decisions is easier and faster when you have this information.

Features of Komodo Decks

MEET: Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Komodo Decks lifetime deals
  • Asynchronous video recording: You can easily record your videos asynchronously.

  • Add commentary to sections of the screen and segments of the video: You can add commentary for better understanding.

  • Track video engagement: You can analyze how much information viewers will retain from your videos.

  • Guide creation: Komodo Decks will guide you to make high-quality videos.

  • Video editing: Komodo Decks allow you to edit your videos how you want.

  • User management and security capabilities via folder management: You can manage users easily, and the security is top-notch.

  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android): Mobile apps allow you easy video creation from PowerPoint, Keynote, etc.

  • AI- and transcription-based editing: With the transcript-based video editor, you can quickly dub over recordings and remove errors.

  • Collaboration: Komodo Decks helps you to grow your business.

  • Talk over previously recorded voice: the right voice-over can make your audience feel spoken to and represented.

  • No encoding or exports—share instantly: Record your video with Komodo Decks screencast software, copy the link, and share.

  • Web app

Screencasting Innovation by Komodo

Meet: Komodo Decks lifetime deals

  1. SSO Support
  2. Security Model based on policy
  3. API integrations
  4. Transcript-based video editing
  5. Create automatic documentation
  6. Innovative business model

Pricing of Komodo Desks

There are already hundreds of customers who are enjoying the taste of their purchase and are amazed by the results!

The pricing of Komodo Desks screencast solution is great as you can get this free starter pack! Let’s check out other pricing:

Komodo Decks lifetime deals


  • Up to 10 Videos
  • Daily Analysis
  • Unlimited Length of Videos
  • High-Resolution Output
  • Screen Recording with Camera
  • Video Embeds


  • Unlimited Videos
  • Daily Analysis
  • Unlimited Length of Videos
  • High-Resolution Output
  • Screen Recording with Camera
  • Video Embeds


  • SSO (SAML) Support
  • Ephemeral Security Model
  • Encryption at Rest & Transit
  • Advanced Privacy
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Daily Analytics
  • Unlimited Length of Videos
  • High-Resolution Output
  • Screen Recording with Camera
  • Video Embeds

Komodo Desks Appsumo Lifetime Deal ?

Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Get lifetime access to this screencast software for only $19 instead of $260(Licence Tier 1)!

  • Lifetime access to Komodo Decks
  • All future Professional Plan updates
  • No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • Ability to upgrade or downgrade between 4 license tiers
  • Only for new Komodo users who do not have existing accounts

Grab Your 10% discount for Komodo Decks Lifetime Deal

Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Complete the below tasks to get a discount for Komodo Decks Lifetime Deals of $19

You have a great chance to achieve a huge discount on the Komodo Decks Appsumo Lifetime Deal, follow all of the directions to get the deal:

  • Click this link “Komodo Decks Appsumo LifeTime Deal
  • Wait for a few seconds to appear a discount popup 
  • Submit your email address
  • Check your email and grab the discount

Pros and cons of Komodo Decks:

I hope you are already in love with Komodo Decks after seeing a bunch of features. Komodo Decks is one of the best screencasting software on the market, and users are loving it after using it. Yet, take a look at the pros and cons of Komodo Decks:

Pros of Komodo Decks:

  1. Great screencast app for computers, especially Mac.
  2. The support is on point.
  3. 60 days money back guarantee
  4. It supports many languages
  5. Can also be worked on Linux
  6. You can embed your videos anywhere
  7. User-friendly, also has a mobile app.
  8. Increase video quality by getting detailed video analytics every day.
  9. Has great features to love.

Cons of Komodo Decks:

  1. Might be confusing to use for the first time.
  2. No video support or video training
  3. Developers should work more on building better UI.
  4. You cannot take videos from the online library.
Komodo Decks lifetime deals

Final conclusion

Lastly, if you are looking for software that lets you screencast easily for your work or your business in a single dashboard then you may get the best from Komodo Decks screencast software. This tool helps you record from any browser and get live feedback from viewers.

You can also start recording instantly from your browser using the Chrome extension

Is Komodo Decks trustworthy?

It’s 100% trustworthy.

Is it a good buy?

You can see user reviews and then decide. In my opinion, it’s great.

Does Komodo Decks give any support?

You can get chat support, live support, and email support from Komodo Decks.

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