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Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal-

Meet: Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal

There are times when creating the perfect YouTube vlog can be a bit of a challenge, and finding the right track can be very difficult. You are stuck with the same old music and sound effects in your content because you are trying to avoid getting demonetized out of nowhere and are unable to make any big changes. What if there were over 100,000 royalty-free tracks and SFX available for you without worrying about copyright claims?

Let us introduce “Keyframe Audio” – a music licensing service that serves you upto 100,000 royalty-free tracks and SFX on any platform.

Today we’ll discuss the Keyframe Audio and the Keyframe Audio Appsumo lifetime deal. Let’s dive in!

What is Keyframe Audio?

Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal
Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal- Best sound effects with 100% copyright claim 2023

Meet: Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal

Keyframe Audio is a music licensing service where you can find the best royalty-free music, tracks, and SFX  and copyright claim protection for your videos. This platform lets you monetize royalty-free music and sound effects on any platform.

If you have a specific sound in mind, you can find the exact sound that fits your requirements among the most prolific Hollywood composers to professional-grade foley performers.

Why You’ll Love Keyframe Audio

There are more than 100,000 premium, royalty-free tracks and sound design elements available for you to choose from made by some of Hollywood’s best film composers and sound designers.

As long as you whitelist your YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles you will never have to worry about copyright claims affecting your ad revenue.

Just choose one simple license and use it. You get royalty-free coverage worldwide with one simple license.

Sounds great, right? Grab your Keyframe Audio Appsumo lifetime deal right now!

Keyframe Audio is best for…

All Media: Our simple and affordable subscription plan grants you access to a vast collection of music that is suitable for any application, whether it be film, television, advertisements, web videos, commercials or client projects, and everything else in between.

Social Media: If you stream a lot then you need great music to make your video attractive. Keyframe Audio is your only secure music solution. You can as many tracks as you need to make perfect videos and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or any social media. We got you covered!

GAME DEVELOPERS: You’re getting high energy, Adrenaline-filled breakbeats, Classic 8-bit chiptune, and Powerful fantasy adventure. Make your game come alive with Keyframe Audio. Gamers will love games with attractive sound effects.

TRAVELERS: You get the perfect soundtrack for your travels while capturing the beauty of the adventure. Make your every journey memorable with music.

FITNESS & SPORTS: Put some energy into your fitness and sports videos. From hard driving Rock to cool Hip Hop, Keyframe Audio provides the pulse for your next adrenaline-filled shot.

Keyframe Audio Features

Meet: Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal
Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal- Best sound effects with 100% copyright claim 2023

Meet: Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal

Copyright Claim Protection: Keyframe Audio ensures the protection of your content from copyright claims and it is the best part of this platform.

Massive SFX catalog: Their SFX catalog is massive and contained up to 50,000 sound effects including laser sounds, crackling fires, and more. That means you can find the exact sounds for your videos, youtube content, or anything else.

Universal-sync License: Keyframe Audio also offers a universal-sync license. With that, you can monetize everything without any stress.

Music Tracks: Discover up to 50,000 music tracks having every genre and vibe and use them anywhere you want.

Sharing: If you want to share great tunes with your friends, you can send them via links, emails, or social media with just a click!

Clearance Dashboard: It is as simple as water to manage your own copyright claims with the clearance dashboard.

Sync Channel: you can sync your youtube channel with Keyframe Audio while uploading videos and keep uploading without worrying.

Moreover, if your content ever receives a copyright claim, you can simply enter that URL into your account and the copyright claim will be automatically removed from your content.

Keyframe Audio Pricing

You’re getting full access to premium royalty-free music and thousands of sound effects at a very reasonable price. Let’s check all the plans and pricing:


  • Unlimited royalty-free music downloads
  • Universal license
  • Copyright Claim Protection

MUSIC + SFX($25/month):

  • Unlimited royalty-free music downloads
  • Unlimited sound effects downloads
  • Universal license
  • Copyright Claim Protection

Keyframe Audio Lifetime Deals Appsumo

Get Keyframe Audio lifetime deals for $59 instead of $249

Deal terms & conditions

Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal
  • Lifetime access to Keyframe Audio
  • All future Music + SFX Plan update
  • No codes, no stacking — just choose the plan that’s right for you
  • You must activate your license within 60 days of purchase
  • This deal is unable to enhance or reduce between license tiers
  • GDPR compliant

Features included in the plan

  • Unlimited royalty-free music downloads
  • Unlimited sound effect downloads
  • Universal license
  • Copyright claim protection
  • All tracks are YouTube copyright claim free
  • Unlimited downloads of premium, royalty-free music
  • 100,000+ (and all future) music tracks and sound effects
  • New songs are added weekly
  • Use in an unlimited number of projects for you and your clients
  • Auto-whitelist your YouTube channels

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Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal

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Final Conclusion

Meet: Keyframe Audio Lifetime deal

Keyframe audio is a platform containing a massive amount of music, SFX, and sound effects. You can find any type of music and use them with any type of work. Without any tension of getting copyright issues, you are getting 100,000+ premium sound effects and music.

So why are you waiting for? Go grab the Keyframe Audio Appsumo Lifetime Deal right now!

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