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Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo – Best act Checked Real Time & Localized AI Writer 2023

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo -

Meet: Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

AI writing tools are highly being used to generate engaging content. For 2 years, AI contents are there in the market competition. But the fact is that most of the generated content using AI is not premium, fresh, and fact-checked. What if there were an AI writing tool that produces high-quality fact-checked content for you?

Say Hi to “Katteb” – First-Fact Checked, Real-Time & Localized AI Writer. Today we’ll discuss Katteb, Katteb Appsumo, and check the Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo.

We’ll serially cover the following topics:

  1. Katteb Overview
  2. What can you do with Katteb?
  3. Features Of Katteb
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Katteb Alternatives
  6. Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo
  7. Final Conclusion
  8. FAQ

So let’s get started!

Katteb Overview

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Katteb is the first AI writing tool that produces verified content that looks 100% human-written, no one can distinguish between the content using Katteb and human-written content.

Katteb is the type of AI that learns regularly and verifies content before writing. You can generate content for your products, blogs, Facebook marketing, etc with Katteb super-fast.

It is not only about articles or marketing, the AI is capable of writing almost any type of content within a minute.

There are many things that Katteb can do, we’ll see that now.

What can you do with Katteb?

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Meet: Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

As you know already, Katteb creates almost any type of content. Blogs, Product Descriptions, Facebook Ads, and Social Media Posts are most common.

Blog: Visitors love reading high-quality content. But the fact is that content generated by other AI tools is not verified and doesn’t look natural(Human-written). Katteb produces human-like content that visitors will actually READ. Enrich your content and make it punchy with Katteb!

Products Descriptions: Customers will check a product, it’s features, and price before buying it. They will be interested to buy the product if the description is attractive. You can generate unique descriptions for your online store with the AI of Katteb, known as Katteb AI Language Model.

Facebook Ads: Facebook ad is a great way to introduce your products with audiences in a quick way. Create scroll-stopping headlines for your products so you convert audiences into customers.

Professional Emails: Send attractive emails to your customers to get more reply. Katteb will generate emails that audience will read and love.

Features of Katteb

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

You get tons of features loaded in Katteb. Let’s check them:

Fact-checked: Katteb is a revolutionary AI Writer that check facts and verify before writing anything. And Katteb will always generates full-fresh and informative content for you.

Localizing content: When you set a location for your content, the AI will generate the type of content that fits the test of the audience of that location. Like  for India, the currency will be Rupees. But if you select Bangladesh, prices will appear in Taka.

Image-filled: Visually appealing content always attract more readers. Katteb will automatically Katteb add related stock-free images to your content. This saves you hours of time because you don’t have to search thousands of images to get your desired image.

100% Unique Content: Generated content won’t be duplicate because the AI generates unique content and uses plagiarism checker to check the content.

60 Seconds Articles: Katteb uses the most Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technologies known as GPT-3 and J1-Jumbo to generate highly professional articles within 60 seconds. Researchers say that the generated articles are highly accurate.

Fetch Any Article Online: Enter the URL of the article you want to rewrite and your jobe is done, it is that simple! You’ll get a completely new and fresh generated article.

Language Support: Katteb can generate articles in up to 60 languages that is both human-readable and SEO-friendly.

Pros and Cons

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo


  • Great writing tool with great ideas
  • Time and money saver
  • Ease of use
  • Continuous development
  • Reliable and Verified Content


  • Customer Service not good
  • Payment method is not diverse

Katteb Alternatives

There are a number of AI writers available in the market. You can also check them before buying Katteb. Here are some of them:

  1. Mark Copy
  2. The Copywriting Bible
  4. VeryGoodCopy
  5. Craftly.AI
  6. Wordplay – Long-Form AI Writer
  7. Growth Hack AI
  8. Virtual Ghost Writer
  9. Voicera
  10. ParagraphAI – Write better, faster

Katteb Pricing

Katteb is gradually learning and the developers are always working hard to improve the AI. You get a very reasonable price to use Katteb. Let’s check the plans and pricing:


  • 30K words per month
  • Access 15+ use-cases
  • Write in 60+ Languages
  • Built in Proofreading Feature
  • Design Images Using AI
  • Rewrite Full Articles


  • 100K words per month
  • Access 15+ use-cases
  • Write in 60+ Languages
  • Built in Proofreading Feature
  • Design Images Using AI
  • Rewrite Full Articles
  • 500+ Words Articles
  • AI Images Suggestion
  • Priority Email & Chat Support


  • Unlimited words
  • Access 15+ use-cases
  • Write in 60+ Languages
  • Built in Proofreading Feature
  • Design Images Using AI
  • Rewrite Full Articles
  • 500+ Words Articles
  • AI Images Suggestion
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Priority Email & Chat Support
  • Unlimited Articles

Katteb Lifetime Deals Appsumo

Get Katteb Appsumo for $39 instead of $999(1 code)

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Deal terms & conditions

  • Lifetime access to Katteb Plan
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • All future Katteb Plan updates
  • This deal is non-refundable

Features included in the plan

  • Allows you to generate 15,000 words per month
  • AI Original Article Writer
  • Facebook & Google Ads Generator
  • Fetch & Rewrite Articles With 1-Click
  • Product Descriptions & PAS Formula
  • Articles Outline and Promotional Ideas
  • Blog Intro & Content Summarizer
  • Supports More Than +60 languages
  • Access To All Future Updates and Features
  • Each Additional Code Purchased = 15,000 Words

Grab Your 10% Discount For Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Complete the below tasks to get a huge discount for Katteb Appsumo of $39

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Final Conclusion

80,000+ users are writing content with Katteb and they’re loving the tool because of the fresh content. Katteb is rated 4.5 out of 5. Also, the tool has generated up to 144,112,822 words!

So why are you waiting for? Get Katteb Appsumo from the Katteb Lifetime Deal Appsumo!

What is AI Article Generator?

Within minutes, you can produce various types of text. Create a few paragraphs that are 100% original for your projects. Katteb AI Writer is your best choice!riter! Write assignments in an easily readable format by clicking on a button. You can write long texts within minutes. With this AI writer, you can write copywriting, marketing copy, creating pages, writing paragraphs, headings, and lists, among others. You can create pages and paragraphs in just a few seconds. We designed this software to be easy to use for all levels of education. It is fully automated. Stop wasting time, effort, and money on complicated programs. With just a few lines of text, you can get the subject material written for you.

How can an artificial intelligence writer help me?

Write Essays Write Books Write Websites Write Messages Write Letters Write Documents Write Legal Documents Write Technical Documents Write Blogs Write Webpages Write Articles Write Blog Article Write Research Papers Write Papers Write Dissertations Write Assignments Write Text Write Paragraphs Write Sentences Write Manuscripts Write Things Write Research Write Manuals Write Novels Write Publications Write Textbooks Write Writing Write Homework.

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