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Hexospark Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo

Hexospark Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo
Summary: Send personalized emails to leads at scale with a unified inbox with Hexospark!

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Do you want to get more leads for your business or marketing? Then you need to send professional personalized outreach to get them.

But the fact is, you have to spend hours getting updated and quality leads from lead databases.

Wish you had an intuitive Email automation and CRM platform that helps you get more leads.

Say Hello to “Hexospark”.

In this review, we’ll review this CRM tool and give you an extra 10% discount if you’re new to Appsumo!

What is Hexospark?

Hexospark Lifetime Deal

In short, Hexospark is a comprehensive email and CRM platform with which you can send professional personalized emails at scale.

You don’t have to worry about an empty sales pipeline and low reply rates because Hexospark will make it easy for you to find and nurture leads with personalized emails.

It is a bundle – Email Automation platform + CRM software + Unified Inbox. That means you don’t have to juggle third-party apps or complicated spreadsheets.

There are some popular CRM tools like Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, etc, and some email marketing platforms like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, etc that people love to use. But keep in mind that they are quite expensive also!

What is the Hexospark Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

As we already know Hexospark is a tool that lets you send personalized emails and get quality leads at scale, it is available at the Appsumo deal!

This means you’re getting a 76% discount if you buy this email marketing platform from the deal right now.

You’ll achieve the following things:

  • 76% discount(The regular price was $290 but the discount price is $69)
  • All premium features with lifetime updates
  • Built-in CRM and unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited leads from LinkedIn
  • 1-click integrations with email providers
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then a 10% discount from this review

Why should you use Hexospark?

If you work on cold email outreach, you can get a crazy 3800% ROI from this! Because email outreach is one of the best ways to reach thousands of prospects, connect with them, and grow your business.

Then why do many people fail to convert leads? We’ll see some problems and how Hexospark gives you solutions:

Hexospark Lifetime Deal

Bulk Email Problem

The first issue is that sending bulk emails is not that effective cause you’ll get low reply rates and hence have to send thousands of emails.

Hexospark gives you the ability to manage and nurture quality prospects from lead to client.

Personalized Emailing

The highest reply rate you’ll get from a completely personalized message. But what if you want to write highly personalized emails to each of thousands of prospects? I see you’re already in pain just for thinking this.

Hexospark offers a browser extension that provides customized icebreakers for LinkedIn prospects. This extension seamlessly integrates with your CRM and email outreach campaigns and will incorporate the suggested icebreakers automatically.

Complexity and Using many tools

This is also a problem for many people because they have to jump between sheets, and tools, and one time they break!

Look at Hexospark, it is an email automation platform, a CRM, a unified inbox, and an extension(for LinkedIn leads). Yeah, now you’re feeling relaxed.

Whenever you need to increase your sales up to 10x then Hexospark is there for you. But don’t wait cause the Appsumo deal is not going to stick forever!


There are a bunch of features including Email Campaign tasks, a unified inbox, and much more.

Hexospark Lifetime Deal

Intuitive Dashboard

You can access an overview of your email campaign statistics from the dashboard, such as the number of emails sent and the rate at which they were opened.

Also, you have the ability to monitor the progress of leads in your sales process, starting from finding and assessing leads and continuing until after they make a purchase.

Outreach Email Creation

You have the power to build emails with custom variables and personalized images to attract each and every one!

Unified Inbox

With the unified inbox, you have the ability to monitor responses from various campaigns and email accounts, enabling your team to promptly reply.

Built-in CRM

You can add as many contacts as you want. And if you have any CSV files of your leads then you can import from those!

You can get leads from any website, especially LinkedIn with the browser extension.

You can also utilize the profile data to create customized icebreakers that increase the likelihood of receiving a response.

Whenever managing a pipeline and viewing activity history, you can do these with this CRM.

Plans & Pricing

Hexospark Lifetime Deal

Hexospark Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

Get the Lifetime Deal Appsumo for $69 instead of $290(1 Code), which means an over 76% discount! Plus an extra 10% off from our review!

Hexospark Lifetime Deal
Hexospark Lifetime Deal
Hexospark Lifetime Deal

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Complete the below tasks to get a huge discount for the Appsumo Lifetime Deal of $69 and an extra 10% on top of this from the review.

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Final Words

Hexospark is indeed a great CRM platform that will let you convert prospects to leads. It also gives you all stats about all the campaigns like how many emails are sent or checked.

Its minimal dashboard, powerful features, easy-to-use tools, etc will give you the power to sell anything or grow your brand.

Don’t wait, get access to Hexospark from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal!


  1. What is the roadmap of Hexospark?
    Ans: Click the link:
  2. Can I customize email templates with images inside like a product image of a new product?
    Ans: You can add images or attach files to your emails, also use our personalized image feature.
  3. Are we able to add our address at the bottom to stay within compliance?
    Ans: Yes, you control the entire content of your emails so that you can add anything to your templates or custom emails.
Appsumo LIfetime Deal
An all-in-one tool for sending personalized email campaigns to get more leads. Grab it from the Hexospark Lifetime Deal Appsumo
5* Review

$290 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !