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Flip Booklets Lifetime

Today’s Review is about the “FlipBooklets Lifetime Deal”.

Everyone in the current world uses PDFs – from clients to marketers. If you’re a freelancer or a marketer, you often need to share PDF files with your clients and customers.

But you don’t know whether the PDF is viewed or it is on the spam filter.

Plus, you want to make your PDFs more professional and attractive by converting them into Flip Books to attract your customers.

You get all the necessary stuff into “FlipBooklets”.

Today we’ll go through this PDF flip book converter and check all the features in this review.

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What is FlipBooklets?

Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal

FlipBooklets is a PDF Flip Booklet converter that is used to make any PDF into professional and attractive Booklets.

With this software, you can add some beautiful page-turn animations to impress your clients as well as customers.

The best part is that you can see which PDFs are being viewed and whether they are in the spam folder.

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Why FlipBooklets is better than others

Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal

FlipBooklets is better than most other converters in the market and is used by many professionals because of some core reasons.

First of all, the tool is neither bloated nor useless like most PDF Flip Book Converters. Plus, there is no ugliness or responsive issue in this tool.

Almost every tool gives you ads in the free version, but not FilpBooklets. You’ll never get a single ad even in the free version!

Last but not least, you will only need to wait less than a minute to create the Booklets with this tool. But most software takes too long to create PDF flip booklets.

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Features of FlipBooklets

Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal

There are a lot of new features available in this tool and the developers are updating it regularly based on new feature requests. Keep reading the review to know about all the features.

Ads-free: You’ll get no ads on your book even in the free version of the tool.

Responsiveness: The flip book you’ll create will automatically respond to every device. Your flip book will look great everywhere!

Create Within Second: You just need to upload your PDF and click save. You’ll get the link for your flip book instantly and you can also embed it!

Hyperlink friendly: If you add any embedded hyperlink to your PDF, they will work automatically after creating the flip booklet.

Super-fast: PDF flip books are created with optimized, clean, and minimal code to load faster on any network(Loading time may vary based on file size).

Zoom-in-out: Easily zoom in and zoom out to see the content more clearly.

Download PDF: When your clients get your flip booklets, they can download a standard PDF version to view offline.

Privacy: If you want to hide your booklets from Google or any search engine, you can turn on the option to hide.

Password: Sensitive booklets can be protected with a password so no one can access to view your file.

Bookmarks: Your clients and customers can bookmark any page to check later.

Search: You can use this feature whenever you want to search for a text in your booklet.

Analytics: One of the most important features for you. You can check everything like:

  • Whether the file is viewed and how many times
  • On which device is the file viewed
  • In which location is the file viewed

Multi-Language(Not Live Yet): You can choose a language between English and Spanish for you and your customers.

Single or spread view: Single page or multi-page – it’s up to you to choose.

Custom background: To look the PDF flip booklet more professional, you can choose and give your own background.

Custom colors: Give colors to fit your brand. You can change colors anytime.

Not only this, but if you want a new feature then you can request that from the admin panel. The developers will work their best to include that feature.

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Plans & Pricing

Having a free version is the best way to check a product. Luckily, FlipBooklets have a free version!

  • Monthly
  • Yearly
Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal
Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal

If you have a problem seeing the features available in the plans, click here to see the features.

FlipBooklets Lifetime Deal Appsumo

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Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal
Flip Booklets Lifetime Deal

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Final Words

FlipBooklets is a great solution for Converting PDFs into digital PDF flip booklets and also gives you a total analysis of your files.

Indeed, companies like Fox News, USA Today, CNN, etc use this tool for the powerful features included in it.

FlipBooklets has over 7K active customers in 75 countries and has created over 745K books!

Come join with 7K customers and solve all your PDF problems from this one platform!

Get FlipBooklets from the Appsumo Deal right now!

Can I change the PDF after creating it?

Yes! You can change the content or the whole PDF anytime, anywhere.

Is it simple to create a PDF Flip Booklet?

It’s very simple. After signing up, you need to click the “Create New” button, give your title, upload the PDF, and adjust any features (based on your package), then click “Publish”. You’ll get your result within a minute.

Where are the PDFs hosted?

They are hosted securely by our partner Amazon S3 so you don’t have to worry about using bandwidth to serve them to users when they are viewed.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the product?

Yes, if you purchase the product from the Appsumo Lifetime Deal then you get a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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