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FlexClip Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$69]

flexclip Lifetime Deal
Summary: Create video content, slideshows, etc., and edit them without complexity with FlexClip.

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Video creation is thriving in this present time and there is a lot of scope to do if you’re new to it.

Out of many tools, you found some popular tools that can help you create amazing videos but have a steep learning curve.

What if there were any tool that can do the same job but is a lot easier to use?

Let’s introduce “FlexClip” – an all-in-one tool video content creation and editing platform that is a simple yet powerful toolkit.

Is it like Adobe Premier Pro or something else? What does it do? We’ll know everything!

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flexclip Lifetime Deal

What is FlexClip?

In short, FlexClip is a comprehensive platform designed to craft videos, films, and slideshows within a matter of minutes.

The video editor is powerful enough to handle tasks like adjusting video appearance, background music, and more with ease.

Heard of Adobe Premier Pro that is a professional tool? This online video editor is an alternative but way easier!

Templates, a big library of content, clean UI, screen recorder, etc – FlexClip has a lot of features.

What is FlexClip Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

You’ll work with the video editor as long as you work on videos but you don’t have to pay every month for this.

Yes, because Appsumo has given you a deal to pay once and use it forever without any hidden cost.

You’ll get the following things from the deal(Note: Please check the features at Appsumo before buying a product):

  • A 83% discount(The regular price was $400 but the discount price is $69)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • Video editor; Movie maker; slideshow maker; screen recorder, etc
  • Unlimited video downloads
  • 5000+ templates
  • A rich library of royalty-free content
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% discount for you
flexclip Lifetime Deal

What does FlexClip offer?

FlexClip has a lot of capabilities to create and edit media content. Here are the features that Appsumo offers:

Media Editor

With the creation tool, you can create videos, movies, slideshows, etc. without any learning curve.


Without paying extra, you get up to 5000 professionally crafted templates and use them according to your needs.

Royalty-free Library

With a rich library, you can search and get anything you want. So you don’t have to go to other platforms to get your desired content.

Multiple Languages

8 languages are available to use in the creation process. So if you don’t know English, no problem!

Artificial Intelligence

The new feature is the AI that can create a whole video within minutes just by giving a prompt!

Not only this, but you can also generate images that are on your mind. Plus, if you just want a video script, give it a prompt, and voila! You get your desired script.

flexclip Lifetime Deal

Who should use FlexClip?

FlexClip can be an ideal choice for a wide range of individuals and businesses seeking a simple yet powerful video editing tool. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced content creator, FlexClip has something to offer:


If you’re new to video editing, FlexClip’s user-friendly interface and simplified tools provide an excellent starting point. You won’t be overwhelmed by a steep learning curve.

Content Creators

Bloggers, vloggers, and social media enthusiasts can use FlexClip to produce engaging and captivating videos.

Small Businesses

FlexClip is a cost-effective solution for small businesses looking to create professional-quality marketing materials.

Create attention-grabbing advertisements, explainer videos, and promotional content without breaking the bank.


Teachers and educators can use FlexClip to create educational videos, tutorials, and presentations. The intuitive interface ensures that you can focus on delivering your message effectively.


Marketers can use the power of FlexClip to produce eye-catching video ads, product demonstrations, and brand stories. The platform’s ready-to-use templates and customization options make the marketing content creation process better.


Freelancers who offer video editing services can benefit from FlexClip’s efficiency. The platform’s straightforward tools allow freelancers to deliver high-quality results to their clients quickly.

flexclip Lifetime Deal

Why should you use FlexClip?

There is always a reason to use a product/tool out of other popular ones. Let’s check why you can start your journey with FlexClip:

Learning Curve

Out of some popular platforms like Adobe Premier Pro, Camtasia, etc., this tool is easy to learn and has a minimum learning curve.

You can get started very quickly without any difficulties.

User Interface

With the minimal and clean UI, working on this platform will make your workflow easier and more productive.


One-time payment of this tool from Appsumo is going to help you save money.

FlexClip VS Adobe Premier

Adobe Premier is a powerful toolkit that gives you 100% customizability, whereas FlexClip is one of the most accessible platforms to edit videos, movies, slides, etc. They both have some pros and cons:


Adobe Premier starts at $20.99 per month. On the contrary, FlexClip currently has a discount and a lifetime deal. You only buy one time and use it forever!

User Interface

Adobe Premier interface is complex and you need to learn for some time to utilize the platform correctly.

FlexClip, on the other side, is easy to use(Actually very easy to use than Adobe Premier) because it has a drag-and-drop interface.


No templates are included though you can import your own or create from scratch.

A variety of templates are available to use so you can save time and build things quickly.

Use Cases

Adobe Premier Pro has a wide range of video editing features, including color grading, motion graphics, and advanced audio editing.

FlexClip has basic video editing features, such as trimming, cutting, and adding text and music.

Learning curve

Adobe Premier Pro has a steep learning curve and requires time and effort to learn how to use all the features.

This is where FlexClip shines, you can quickly start your making and editing journey without complex knowledge. This platform has a low learning curve.

Royalty-free resources

Adobe Premier Pro has a library of royalty-free content through Adobe Stock but you have to pay extra for that.

Whereas you get a massive library(Around Millions) of copyright-free content without paying extra in FlexClip!

It’s upto you which product you will use for your creation. You can say FlexClip is the Adobe Premier alternative.

There is another popular tool “Camtasia”, you can also check this tool.

FlexClip pros and cons

Each and every tool has its own pros and cons, and FlexClip is no different. Below are some pros and cons of this video editor:


  • You can use the stock library(Around millions of content) freely, without worrying about copyrights, and even make money from your projects.
  • It’s simple to use, with a clear dashboard and easy-to-spot features.
  • And the Appsumo deal with lifetime access


  • It’s not as advanced as some professional video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • There are restrictions on the output formats when converting videos.

You can also check these websites for more pros and cons:

  1. Product Hunt
  2. Capterra

Plans & pricing

The official pricing of FlexClip is shown below. Click here to see the pricing from the website.

flexclip Lifetime Deal

FlexClip Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

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flexclip Lifetime Deal

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Final Words

In a world where video creation is booming, FlexClip is indeed a handy solution that’s both simple and effective.

Whether you’re new to video editing or a seasoned creator, FlexClip fills all. With its easy-to-understand features and user-friendly interface, you can work on your video projects without any hassle.

Its vast library of copyright-free content, templates, and artificial intelligence-powered features empower your creativity.

However, keep in mind that FlexClip might not match the advanced capabilities of tools like Adobe Premiere Pro.

For those seeking simplicity and a lifetime of creative possibilities, FlexClip’s AppSumo deal offers an affordable and user-friendly video editing journey.

Grab lifetime access by clicking the “Buy Now” button right now!

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Create video content, slideshows, etc., and edit them without complexity with FlexClip. Grab the deal from the FlexClip Lifetime Appsumo Deal!
5* Review

$400 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !