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ChatABC Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$39]

ChatABC Lifetime Deal
Summary: Use the power of ChatGPT with the collaboration feature, sharable chat, premade prompts, and much more with ChatABC.

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ChatGPT is incredible and it helps in every aspect of life to make the lifestyle easy.

Yes, it only lags when you don’t pay every month for the premium plan. You also don’t have the ability to collaborate with your team members.

This is where “ChatABC” comes in. It is ChatGPT, but better! How? We’ll find out in this review.

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What is ChatABC?

In short, ChatABC is a comprehensive platform that is ChatGPT but lets you collaborate with your team and adds features like premade prompts, document support, and shared access from a single account.

You can choose either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 based on your preference. Note that GPT-4 is a beta version.

There are premade characters, prompts, file-reading features, and so much more within this ChatGPT alternative.

What is ChatABC Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

While ChatABC is a better ChatGPT with tons of extra features, it doesn’t break the bank!

Plus, you just have to buy it once and use it forever because it is currently a featured deal at Appsumo.

Here is what you’ll get from the deal(Note: Please check the features before buying a product):

  • A 44% discount(The regular price was $70 but the discount price is $39)
  • Pay once and use it forever
  • Built-in prompt library (150+ built-in prompts and all future added prompts)
  • Custom prompt library
  • All OpenAI, Azure AI, and newly added models (GPT-4 supported)
  • All premium features with future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then a 10% discount for you

Check the following image to see all the features you’ll get on every plan:

ChatABC Features

ChatABC comes with many features that we’ll see in this section.

Choose The Model

ChatABC offers the flexibility to select between two powerful language models: GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

This choice allows you to make the most of your free or premium accounts from the very beginning and ensures you have access to the model that suits your needs.

Customize Your Prompts

Tailoring ChatGPT to your specific requirements is a breeze with ChatABC. You have the ability to customize prompts which means you can effectively transform ChatGPT into the ideal “character” for your conversations.

Whether you want to create your own virtual marketing consultant or engage in discussions about advertising, you can easily do so without any hassle.

Premade Character Prompts

With ChatABC, you gain access to an extensive collection of ready-to-use character prompts.

Whether you need to interact with a personal trainer or seek advice from a professional chef, a single click is all it takes to explore and engage with a huge range of conversation starters.

Flexible Output Customization

Enjoy unparalleled flexibility in customizing your outputs with ChatABC.

You can effortlessly choose your desired output language, tone, writing style, and formats.

No complex prompt engineering is required, as the platform provides intuitive options to help you achieve the exact results you’re looking for.

User-Friendly Chat Interface

The chat interface of ChatABC is designed to be user-friendly and ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Accessing premade prompts and modifiers is effortless that allows you to navigate the platform with ease while engaging in meaningful conversations with ChatGPT.

Easy Training with Text and Documents

Training ChatGPT is made simple with ChatABC. Whether you want to train the model with short snippets of text or upload PDF files, the platform provides convenient options for both.

The split-screen view facilitates real-time questioning about the uploaded texts or documents, and ChatABC goes the extra mile by providing precise page numbers and locations for referenced information.

Prompt Library

Gain access to an extensive prompt library within ChatABC. It enables you to save time and enhance the quality of your outputs.

The library contains a huge library of pre-existing prompts tailored to common use cases, such as writing social ads, blog posts, or marketing emails.

This comprehensive resource saves you from starting from scratch and empowers you to generate high-quality content quickly.

Save and Organize Prompts

ChatABC allows you to save your favorite prompts to your personal library and makes sure they are easily accessible whenever you need them.

Moreover, you can organize your chats into folders and eliminate the need to scroll through multiple sessions to find the desired prompts.

This streamlined organization enhances your productivity and efficiency.

Collaborative Team Features

Collaboration is made effortless with ChatABC’s team features. You can share ChatGPT sessions with your entire team without requiring individual accounts.

This shared access allows team members to seamlessly continue conversations from where someone else left off.

You get a collaborative environment and boost productivity.

Share Outputs and White-Labeling

Sharing ChatGPT outputs with your team is simple with ChatABC. You can generate public URLs that allow your team members to join the discussion from their own devices.

Additionally, ChatABC offers white-labeling capabilities and lets you customize the platform with your own domain and provide this valuable service to your clients under your brand.

Cost-Effective Team Access

ChatABC ensures cost-effective team access to ChatGPT. By providing your entire team with shared access, you can allocate your resources where they matter most.

There is no need for individual accounts, as ChatABC offers a single-account access model, prompt library access, and support for document uploads.

This streamlined approach saves both time and money.

Improved Collaboration

By adapting the collaborative features of ChatABC, you can enhance teamwork and collaboration within your organization.

With seamless sharing of ChatGPT sessions, your team members can work together more effectively, leading to improved productivity and successful outcomes.

The platform provides a smooth workflow for your team to achieve their goals efficiently.

People Liked About ChatABC

  1. The fact that you can simply add your API code is great
  2. this product is awesome for being alive just a few months now
  3. I love the prompt library and sharing ChatGPT with the team

People Disliked About ChatABC

  1. It’s not saving chats way too often, so you end up losing a pretty long chat history
  2. Once your chat reaches a certain length
  3. There is no back-and-forth navigation history on single messages whenever you edit a chat (like in ChatGPT)
  4. Control Z windows hotkey doesn’t work for some reason in the chat models
  5. When you click on edit it randomly flips your pageview all the way up the page, so now you have to scroll down manually.

These are some cons right now as the product is young but developing rapidly. And the developers are constantly working on the issues that are arising.

Plans & pricing

The official pricing of ChatABC is shown below. Click here to see the pricing from the website.

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Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Use the power of ChatGPT with the collaboration feature, sharable chat, premade prompts, and much more with ChatABC. Get the best deal from the ChatABC lifetime deal appsumo now!
5* Review

$70 ( Regular Price )

60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !