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Certopus Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$69]

Create, verify, and issue digital certificates/badges automatically with Certopus.

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Digital certificates are required whenever we run an online business. And it’s not just about building certificates & badges, we also need to verify and automate to boost our productivity, 

Moreover, we also want learners to be attracted by a great certificate, right? As we all know, a professional-looking certificate can make a brand popular and well-known.

What if a complete package includes management, automation, and verification?

Let’s introduce Certopus, an all-in-one place to manage digital certificates/badges.

Today we will give a summary of this certificate template library and take a look at the interface.

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What is Certopus?

In short, Certopus is a digital certificate and badge builder with many editing and customizing tools.

With Certopus, we can issue, verify, bulk generate, automate, and white-label digital certificates.

Additionally, we can do powerful stuff by integrating this badge builder with 5000+ apps via Zappier, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, Microsoft Power Automate, etc.

Certopus also natively integrates with many LMS tools and webinar platforms which makes it an unbeatable certificate solution.

What is the Certopus Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Certopus is currently available at Appsumo which makes it a perfect deal for people wanting to start issuing certificates/badges.

You’ll get the following features from the deal(Note: Please check the features at Appsumo before buying a product):

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  • 60-day money-back guarantee
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Why Should We Consider Using Certopus?

We won’t waste time writing unnecessary stuff. Let’s check some points:

  1. Extremely easy to create certificates & badges
  2. Works well with popular tools
  3. Has a minimal UI
  4. Has an easy-to-use editing tool
  5. Has verification, bulk email, etc. features
  6. Integrates with 5000+ apps

Who Should Get Certopus

Not everyone may benefit from this badge/certificate-making platform. But if you’re from the following companies, you will get a good result from Certopus:

  1. Educational institutions
  2. Training companies
  3. Businesses

Someone can also issue a certificate for himself to showcase his skills and expertise.

Especially course creators and educational institutors can get the most benefit because they always need to issue certificates to their students.

Inside of Certopus

It is good to know about the look and functionalities of a product before buying it. Let’s check the inside of this digital certificate builder!


After logging into the dashboard, you will see a page which looks like this:

From the dashboard, you can see all the activities, analytics, stats, etc. Plus, you can create events directly from the dashboard.

Now, hang on! What is an event? Well, an event is a reason why the certificate is being given. We’ll show that now.


The Events page looks like this:

From here, you can create an event, and then you can create a certificate based on the event. Now, let’s create an event and let’s go to the certificate section.

After filling in some information, we have successfully created an event!

Just click on the event and you’ll get the following page that lets you add a bunch of stuff:

For now, we will just skip other things and take a look at the certificate creation.

Certificate Creation

After clicking the “Select Certificate Design” button, you’ll get a library of professionally designed certificates.

Though we can get all the templates from the Appsumo deal, we can also create a completely customized certificate! Now, let’s take a look at the editor!

The Editor

As we see from the above image, we can create different designs for different roles and we can add as many variables as we want.

We can also add text, images, signatures, QR codes, etc to your certificate. Additionally, we can change the layout and background of the certificate.

And we’re done! Now we have to make a schedule to issue certificates to the learner’s inbox.


As we already know Certopus can integrate with many popular tools, let’s check how we can do this:

In the Integrate section, we see a bunch of tools to integrate with. Plus, we can request integration with a platform.

Mail Templates

You can also create mail templates to create a professional email to send to the recipients. Mails are also a good way to represent a brand!

Certopus Alternatives

Some popular tools are somewhat similar to Certopus but they don’t have a deal going on. Still, you can check the following tools:


Accredible is a cloud-based platform that lets you create, issue, and manage digital certificates, badges, and transcripts.

Official site:


Credly is a platform that allows you to issue, manage, and share digital credentials. It also offers a variety of services, such as credential verification and analytics.

Official site:


BadgeOS is a platform that allows you to create, issue, and manage digital badges. It lets you design custom badges, track the performance of badging programs, and integrate with other systems.

Official site:

Certopus official website and pricing

You can check the official site and pricing if you want. Click the links below:

  1. Official Site
  2. Pricing

Certopus User Reviews

You can check reviews from the following links:

  1. Capterra Review
  2. G2 Review

But don’t just see reviews, you can try this creation tool for free!

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Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Digital certificates are required whenever we run an online business. And it’s not just about building certificates & badges, we also need to verify and automate to boost our productivity,
5* Review

$400 ( Regular Price )

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