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Butter Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo [$49]

Butter Lifetime Deal

Today’s review is about “Butter Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Meetings, especially online meetings are held every day, every hour in this generation.

For business purposes, online classes, workshops, etc – meetings should be productive and fun to interact with!

But the fact is, when there is a lack of meaningful interaction and collaboration among attendees, meetings are just like BOOORING.

What if there were a platform that has all the necessary tools to give a buttery-smooth meeting experience?

Say Hello to “Butter” – the All-in-One meeting platform where people actually want to attend!

But why’s that? We’ll see every part & feature of this video conferencing platform and give you a special discount from this review if you’re new to Appsumo and grab from Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

What is Butter?

In short, Butter is the ultimate video conferencing solution designed to help you organize, conduct, and summarize engaging meetings that your participants will love to attend.

With Butter, you can easily plan your meetings, host them seamlessly, and provide informative and interactive recaps.

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Whether it’s a small team meeting or a large-scale conference, Butter ensures that your virtual meetings are productive, enjoyable, and effective

Try Butter today and take your video conferencing experience to the next level!

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What is Butter Lifetime Deal Appsumo?

Butter is a video conferencing platform that revolutionizes the way virtual meetings are conducted. With Butter, you can conduct dynamic and engaging sessions that your participants will love to attend.

This all-in-one online meeting platform is now available with a massive discount at Appsumo Lifetime Deal.

What will you get from the Lifetime Deal on Appsumo?

  • Over 63% discount(Regular price was $130 and discount price is $49) on Appsumo Lifetime Deal
  • All the premium features with future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • If you’re new to Appsumo then an extra 10% off from this review

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Use cases – Simply Explained

Butter can be used in almost any virtual meeting. Keep reading the review to check some common sectors:

Workshops: Butter’s time-boxed agenda planner is designed to streamline your workshop planning process. With Butter, you can easily create an agenda with time blocks, allowing you to stay on track and ensure that your workshop runs smoothly.

The planner is perfect for anyone looking to run a successful online workshop without the headache of disorganization. It’s easy to use and intuitive, allowing you to focus on delivering quality content to your participants.

Butter empowers all meeting attendees to actively participate and contribute to the discussion through various interactive tools. With Butter, you can utilize features such as interactive flashcards, hands-up queues, chat, breakouts, and polls, to achieve better outcomes collectively.

With Butter, you can work seamlessly on Miro board, Google Docs, or whiteboard without having to leave the platform.

With Butter’s session recaps, you can easily access and share important meeting information, such as recordings, poll results, chat logs, and shared notes.

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Training: With Butter Rooms, you can now plan your training sessions once and reuse them forever. This powerful feature allows you to set up your agenda, tools, and timings in advance, making your preparation process much easier. You can directly use tools from the in-session agenda.

Butter lets you build a more dynamic presentation experience as you can jump between presenting PDFs, sharing your screen, etc.

Impress your meeting attendees with lively waiting rooms, engaging GIFs in the chat, entertaining polls, and built-in music playlists to keep the energy level high.

The platform offers big and bold reactions, a hands-up queue, and interactive flashcards to encourage attendees to participate and share their thoughts.

Additionally, powerful breakouts allow you to divide participants into smaller groups for more focused discussions and collaboration.

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Meeting: Butter lets you create a time-boxed agenda effortlessly, keeping your meetings focused and productive. Stay on track with the conversation and ensure that you cover all the important topics within the allotted time.

This video-calling platform lets you react to conversations with fun emojis and chat. The platform also offers a raise-hand queue feature that ensures everyone gets a chance to speak without interrupting each other.

Collaborate effortlessly with Butter’s shared notes feature! With shared notes, anyone can contribute action items and important information during a meeting.

Plus, accessing recordings, chat logs, and notes in the recap is a breeze, keeping everyone on the same page.

Organizing and planning your next meeting is a breeze with Butter. Just choose the session, pick a room, set the agenda, invite attendees, and you’re good to go!

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Townhalls & All-Hands: Unite your teams and create engaging town halls and all-hands meetings with Butter.

The Virtual Collaboration tool makes it easy for everyone to participate in virtual meetings with emoji reactions, sound effects, and chat, all while staying on mute.

Say goodbye to awkward interruptions with the raise-hands queue that ensures everyone gets a chance to speak.

You’re also able to enjoy the freedom to switch between screen sharing, spotlighting presenters, playing YouTube videos, and much more!

Moreover, use Butter’s flashcards to spark conversations and polls to gather ideas or make group decisions. Get creative with Butter’s interactive tools!

The best part is, you won’t miss out on important all-hands meetings again with Butter’s recaps! You can catch up on the recordings, and notes, and chat at your convenience.

Amazed to see all the things you can do with this visual collaboration tool? Grab the best deal on Lifetime Appsumo with an extra 10% off from this review!


Keep reading our review to see all the features of this online collaboration software:

Flashcard Decks

Make custom flashcards and boost team bonding, inspire discussions, and break the ice!


Easily collaborate with Miro, MURAL, Google Docs, YouTube, and other apps directly inside the platform. Launch them seamlessly to boost productivity and enhance collaboration during your virtual meetings.

Purchase this amazing video meeting software from Lifetime Appsumo Deal with more discount from this review.

Session Recaps

Butter Pro and Legendairy users can record their sessions to the cloud for easy sharing and playback.

Access all your session recordings easily from the Butter dashboard. View, download, and share your recordings in just a few clicks.

Additionally, get valuable insights from your polls and votes by checking the results or exporting them to a CSV file.

And the best part? Access all your session details including participant lists, chat logs, and private notes with ease.

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Session Planner

Create a seamless session experience with Session Planner. Build your agenda, pre-load your tools, and set up your waiting room.

Ensure your sessions run seamlessly by using a time-boxed agenda. Personalize each agenda block by setting a duration, adding private notes, and selecting useful tools!

Also, elevate your sessions by adding various tools and activities like polls, breakouts, Miro boards, and YouTube videos to your toolbox for easy access.

Create a personalized waiting room with music and GIFs. Collaborate with others to set up your sessions to perfection.

Enjoy reading our premium review? Buy this software from Lifetime Appsumo deal now!


Enhance participant engagement with emoji reactions, sound effects, GIFs, and a hands-up queue. Instant feedback and encouragement are just a click away with Emoji reactions and sound effects!

The raise-hand queue feature allows attendees to raise their hands to ask a question, give feedback or share ideas.

Engage in seamless conversations with organized chat threads and entertaining GIFs that let participants share their thoughts and questions without interrupting the flow.

Shared Rooms

Invite team members to share rooms to help you in running sessions easily.

Your collaborators can add activities, design the waiting room, start the session, etc without you.

Building from scratch every time? NO! You can easily reuse the shared room as much as you want.

The best part is, you can make a co-host who will manage all the other things so you can focus on the meeting.

There are much more features that you’ll get from Butter. Don’t wait too long and get this virtual platform from this review to get an extra 10% discount at Appsumo Lifetime Deal!

Plans & Pricing – Butter Review

Butter has a free plan to check whether it is a fit for you. But you have to buy at least started plan for $19 every month to use for the business, which is not a great deal.

That’s why you have the best opportunity to pay once and use it forever from the Lifetime Appsumo Deal.

Moreover, if you’re new then an extra 10% bonus from this review!

Butter Lifetime Deal Appsumo From the Review

Get the Lifetime Deal Appsumo for $49 instead of $130(License Tier 1), which means an over 62% discount! Plus an extra 10% off from our review on Lifetime Appsumo Deal!

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  • Wait for a few seconds to appear a discount popup 
  • Submit your email address
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Final Judgement

Butter is indeed a great video conferencing platform that is built for running interactive collaborative sessions.

You can use this platform for highly-collaborative sessions such as workshops, boot camps, events, courses, etc where you want to keep your audience organized.

Butter has everything that people actually want to attend.

Grab the Lifetime Deal at Appsumo today and enjoy a 10% discount from this review!

Can I get a discount if I purchase the product from the Lifetime Appsumo Deal from your review?

Yes, as soon as the deal is available, you can get the discount from Lifetime Appsumo Deal.

Can I get a 10% extra discount?

If you’re to Appsumo and buy this product from Lifetime Appsumo Deal then you’ll surely get an extra off!

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