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Brain Pod AI Writer Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: AI-powered Content Writer

Brain Pod AI Writer Lifetime Deal
Summary: Generate content and bulk articles as well as AI images with Brain Pod AI Writer.

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Today’s review is about: “Brain Pod AI Writer Lifetime Deal Review

Quality content can go viral and make you POPULAR. But don’t get very excited!

Writing content that gets users as a magnet is not a piece of cake as you need to research keywords, write the content, make the content SEO and user-friendly, and much more. Well, that may not be a cool way to be mad haha!

You need an AI assistant that will work from making fruitful content to making them SEO-friendly for you.

You’ll need to see the power of “Brain Pod AI Writer”.

What is Brain Pod AI Writer?

In short, Brain Pod AI Writer is a comprehensive AI writing tool that is used to generate single or bulk(more than 2000) articles at a time.

Finished the content, but what about SEO? Well, it’s a breeze! This AI content writing tool will do the SEO automatically for you.

Don’t forget about adding stock photos to the content. But why do you have to get the photos outside as you have Pixabay and Pexels integration? You heard it right! Unlimited stock photos without getting outside is another breeze.

Can’t AI work more than content writing? Of course, it can! Just add some text or sentences to generate AI-generated photos right into the platform.

This is like a complete urn of content writing tools, that’s why users call this platform the “Revolutionary AI Writing Platform”.

What is Brain Pod AI Writer Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

Brain Pod AI Writer is getting popular on Appsumo as it is available as a lifetime deal and you’ll find a great discount!

You’ll get the following advantages from the Appsumo Deal:

  • Discount price is $39(The regular price was $360)
  • Pay once and get lifetime access
  • All premium features with future updates
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • An extra 10% off from this review
  • You’ll be able to upgrade your tier per your need


A Special feature is not bounded by only one, you get much special stuff!

The most special thing is bulk article generation, with this you can generate up to 2000 articles in one click with only a fraction of the time!

You can aid yourself with a head-start cause you will get tons of content templates like blogs, marketing, advertisement, article, news, etc.

Making content SEO-friendly is a headache that you don’t have to get, the content generating platform will automatically lift it for you.

You’ll beautify your content with stock photos cause you’ll get them from integrated Pixabay and Pexels directly from the toolkit.

Stock photos are not enough? Do you want to get images from your imagination? Write it down as a text or sentence and the AI will automatically generate the images for you.


Features are the main reason for you to use a tool, right? Let’s take a look at the features. I’ve organized all the features that are easy to understand.

Bulk Content Creation

With just one click, you get up to 2000 articles with the revolutionary AI. Not only this, you can generate one content at a time.

SEO and Optimization

SEO is a must for content to rank top, we already know that. You don’t have to do SEO manually, the Brain Pod Writer will do this automatically for you!

Also, the generated content will be highly optimized and user-friendly. Just give SEO keywords and you’re done!

Content Templates

Don’t start from scratch if you lag time, just use a template from tons of templates and get the desired content within a minute.

There are many templates, some of which are blogs, news, advertisement, video script, etc.

And for content optimization, content is automatically optimized for search engines, especially Google.

Generate AI Images

Don’t just imagine, but make photos of them. You just need to write some text or sentences and the tool will generate the photos according to your standard.

Track & Analysis

Your content will score based on optimization and SEO. You’ll also analyze competitors to produce better content. These things are done with the Brain Pod AI’s SEO Mode.


Pixabay & Pexels

You will get unlimited stock photos from Pixabay and Pexels directly on the platform, at no extra cost!


Content just doesn’t have to be English, you can translate it automatically into multiple languages using DeepL.


If you want to check for plagiarism, Copyscape is there for you! Additionally, you can make your content as audio or text-to-speech for screen readers!


There are some popular platforms out there that can be integrated into this AI writer like Zapier, Pabbly, and WordPress. Moreover, custom API and hooks are also available!


You can also check these tool(s) to generate content:

Plans & Pricing

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Final Conclusion

Undoubtedly, Brain Pod AI writer is a complete package where you get Bulk Article Generator, Built-In SEO Mode, Custom Writing Templates, Seamless Integrations, and much more!

With some special features, you can see more engagement in your article after generating it by this AI platform.

Generate articles, and AI photos, and rank top in Google. Buy it from this review to get an extra 10% discount!

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Generate bulk content, AI images, audio, do automatic SEO, and much more with this revolutionary AI writer. Get it from the Brain Pod AI Writer Lifetime Deal now!
5* Review

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60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for first 2 months to make sure it's right for you or not !