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Summary: Generate content faster, get 80+ writing templates, generate AI images, and more with!

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Content writing is an art. It requires hours of thinking, a compelling heading, informative sentences, and so on.

But the fact is, writing content completely on your own is a tedious task and requires a lot of knowledge. Also, you have to decorate it with beautiful images to grab the reader’s attention.

What if you had a chance to just declare what content you want and you get the whole article within a moment? You might also want to get your desired image that is in your imagination, then how will you do that?

Your all-in-one solution is “”.

In this exclusive review, we’ll go through every sector of this AI writer & image generating tool and we’ll give you an extra 10% discount at Appsumo if you’re new.

What is

In short, is a comprehensive AI platform that has the ability to write any type of content within a matter of seconds.

It’s not only a writer, but it’s an Image generator also. You just need to write which type of image you want and whoosh! You have it.

You don’t have to tell everything, you have 80+ templates to choose from, for example, social media posts, LinkedIn posts, emails, ads, product descriptions, and the list goes on.

This doesn’t stop here yet. You can see all your history in one place(the dashboard) and you’ll also be able to arrange your content within folders, right into the platform.

There is so much more within this content creator and we’ll look at them in the following sections.

What is Lifetime Appsumo Deal?

As we already know that is an all-rounder, that is, it can generate both content & images so you may think this will make you empty-pocket.

But that’s not true! Currently, this content-generating software is available at Appsumo as a featured deal and it gives you an 89% discount.

You’ll get the following features(Note: Please check the features before buying a product):

  • 89% discount(The regular price was $340 but the discount price is $39)
  • Pay once and use it for a lifetime
  • WordPress integration and Chrome extension
  • Al in 26+ languages
  • Plagiarism checker

Check the below image to see the list of features for all Tiers: Lifetime Deal


Well, well, well, you saw which things do. Let’s check them practically now. We’ll see every section inside this ai content & image generator.


The first thing you’ll see after logging is the simple dashboard. The dashboard shows you all the tools like ChatBang, Templates, Image Generator, and Content Planner.

Underneath these tools, you’ll see all your recent documents(your generated documents). You can move, rename, or delete your documents anytime right from the dashboard.

Plus, you can set the status of your docs like draft, scheduled, published, etc. And you can also sort them by titles, status, etc – all these right in the dashboard. Lifetime Deal


Then the main section is here, the brother of ChatGPT. Yes, you can ask anything and you get your desired answer within some second. It’s fast and accurate (Its accuracy rate will be higher if you give it more details).

You can either choose to write from scratch or you can just get a template from the prompt library, this library has 80+ pre-build templates.

Plus, you can see your chat history, delete them, or make as much new chat history as you want. Lifetime Deal


On the Templates section, you will a ton of templates such as E-mail, ads ECommerce, Social Media, Blogs, and much more.

Each template has some fields where you will give the necessary info and the templates will generate accurate content for you.

In the below video we’ll show you working with a template(For example an Email template): Lifetime Deal


The Documents section is important for those who want to organize their content for reusability or any other reasons.

You can make new documents and generate content with templates, save them, separate your documents in individual folders, edit, and delete them.

The below video will show you the summary: Lifetime Deal

Image Generator

This is also one of the most important sections of this content-generating software.

You just need to write which image you want and the generator will use the AI to generate some images based on your prompt.

Your history will be saved so you can see your past work anytime. Lifetime Deal

There is some other stuff coming after just after some days like Chrome extension, Content Planner, and more.

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Final Words is indeed a powerful AI content creator and image generator that simplifies the process of writing and designing.

With 80+ templates and the ability to generate content within seconds, it offers a quick and efficient solution for content creation.

The dashboard allows easy organization and management of documents, while the ChatBang feature provides fast and accurate responses.

The image generator is a valuable addition that offers AI-generated images based on your prompts. 

Overall, is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to streamline their content creation process.

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
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