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AIDOL Studio Lifetime Deal Review Appsumo: Personalized Video Maker

aidol studio lifetime deal

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Summary: Generate studio-grade personalized videos with AI-based digital actors in AIDOL Studio.

Today’s review is about: the “AIDOL Lifetime Appsumo Deal

Who doesn’t love watching videos? Moreover, a personalized video for me? I’m down!

Yeah, when you want to make personalized videos then you have to spend money on actors, studios, video processing, etc. So expensive, right?

What should you do to make personalized content without breaking the bank?

No worries, “AIDOL Studio” is there for you!

This review will show every detail of AIDOL Studio and its lifetime Appsumo deal.

aidol studio lifetime deal

What is AIDOL Studio?

AIDOL Studio is an AI-based tool that lets you flexibly create digital humans for your personalized videos.

It is a Hong Kong deep-learning startup that works on creating engaging video content for marketing, education, branding, media, etc.

You don’t have to be a professional or learn complex procedures to make engaging videos, you can be a director with this platform!

What are digital humans?

Digital humans are AI-generated avatars that are used to speak in your videos.

These avatars are available for different ages, genders, or ethnicities. No matter where your audiences are from, you can use your avatars everywhere!

Moreover, you can also localize content with multi-language and dialect options without any hassle.

Now you know that your generated actors can do many things you want, talk in many languages, can be made of different ages, genders, etc.

What do digital humans do?

aidol studio lifetime deal

AI avatars can do almost everything in a video, for example, they can speak text, mimic facial expressions, etc.

They are used for marketing, they can give presentations about education, connect your audiences, etc.

They are also used for videos that are used worldwide because of multi-language and dialect options.

Moreover, they can be virtual artists, KOLs, influencers, etc that help you connect with your audiences. 

Ultimately, you can personalize them as much as you need!

Why should you use AIDOL Studio?

aidol studio lifetime deal

AIDOL Studio is a one-stop intuitive Saas Platform that uses cutting-edge AI technology to create professional actors.

It gives you high-quality tools to navigate digital actors and the best part is that you don’t have to be professional!

This personalized video platform is not only for experts but is also a blessing for novice producers.

Also, customizations and production are a breeze because of its easy-to-use interface.

You don’t have to start from scratch, templates are there for you! With professionally designed and full customization, you can easily give a head start to produce faster videos.

The platform also has a huge media library that has high-quality stock photos and numerous media options. As a result, you don’t have to look outside!

But the best part is something else! As you know already, it’s one of the easiest video platforms in the market with which you can create eye-catchy videos without video editing knowledge.

Tired in the middle of editing? No problem! Save unpublish projects anytime and continue later.

Plus, the timeline editor helps you cut and drag clips of the videos so you can tweak any part of your videos.

Don’t worry about downloading, you can always save your videos locally or to the cloud.

Not only that, share to the social media platforms directly from the dashboard or send anyone a shareable link to the videos.


There are some other tools that create personalized videos for you.

Other tools that may help

If you want to generate SEO-friendly video scripts then check the following tool(s):

If you want to get soundtracks for your videos then check the following tool(s):

There is a library of stock photos in AIDOL Studio. But if you want more photos then check the following tool(s):

You can edit your videos on the platform. But if you want to get further options like editing, compressing, converting, etc then check the following tool(s):

Plans & Pricing

aidol studio lifetime deal

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aidol studio lifetime deal
aidol studio lifetime deal

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Final Judgment

AIDOL Studio is indeed a great platform to create personalized video content for any kind of purpose.

Its easy-to-use interface, AI technology, library, etc are very handy stuff to generate personalized videos.

Many companies like CMRS, Beyond, Cruise, SocialLinks, etc are using this platform happily. It means that AIDOL Studio is completely trustworthy.

Get lifetime access to AIDOL Studio today!

What if there are no Digital Humans that meet my requirements?

Developers are still expanding the Library with more varieties. However, if you have specific requirements, you could also reach out to contact to create your very own exclusive Digital Human.Customization comes with even higher flexibility and could be further adjusted according to your needs.

Can you use your own AI avatar like one created in midjourney?

 Currently the creation of own avatar feature is not supported, however, the team will likely prioritize it in our upcoming updates.

Appsumo LIfetime Deal
Generate studio-type video with a minimum amount of time with AIDOL Studio. Get it from the AIDOL Studio Lifetime Deal Appsumo!
5* Review

$500 ( Regular Price )

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